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Evolution of Grace

                              Bryan Rice

Evolution of Grace

Explore with Bryan Rice, the ideas surrounding grace and evolution of consciousness and how important it is to try and maintain grace in seemingly disastrous and unpleasant experiences. It is all a matter of perspective and about changing your perception on how you view what to one person may seem to be unfavorable and challenging, but to another with a transformed perception, one can see such circumstances as opportunities for grace to flow into one’s life and raise one’s awareness to Higher Consciousness.

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You are listening to Turning Points and Transformations with your host, Bryan Rice. Will today be the day that you have your breakthrough in consciousness? It is time to be uplifted.

Welcome, and joy to you. This is a rebroadcast of a 2012 episode from The Way of Consciousness Radio Network.

Bryan: Well, hello and welcome to Turning Points and Transformations. This is Bryan Rice from the Order of the Friends of Jeshua, coming to you here, on Wednesday evening. I’m coming from the east coast, upstate New York. Can’t complain. It’s beautiful foliage. Peak season for the leaves changing. Got a chance to go up on the ski lift other day with my family and got to see everything in full effect. Everything in its primordial nature, the not the dying phase necessarily, but the maturing phase, the maturation, the final stages of these wonderful lives from these leaves that covered the trees. God is conscious of every leaf, and it is that God tending to your every need at every given moment. Well, I, again, I have to be grateful and I have to send out gratitude to you for your continued to listenership, especially last week. Well, it’s a new day. And we have new things to talk about and specifically this in this episode, “The Evolution of Grace” here tonight. We will talk about how we can maintain grace in ungraceful situations. And there’s a way to do it. There is. How? You’re probably asking how, I mean, how when the electric is going to get shut off in my house and how when the heat bill is $500 a month and we just can’t afford it? How am I going to maintain grace then? Well, attitude and altitude are two things, two factors in the whole equation, and maintaining a solid sense of self. .

Evolution of Grace

and having a firm foundation and rootedness, in the awareness of the presence of light, the light continuum, the truth continuum, having yourself connected at the core to the primordial and the first and the right relationship of oneness – and I’ve speaking of oneness quite a bit lately, I realized that, and well, why? Well, because all is One. And separation is an illusion. We all perpetuate and we get

caught up in struggle and we get caught up in desire and we get caught up in striving and we get caught up in trying to claim . . . in trying to ascend in trying to be merit worthy – trying to attain merit, that is. And you know, the whole striving and struggling is an endless pursuit of goals that we can never allow ourselves to be satisfied with and when we’re doing that, that’s the separation state. The state of separation spoken of in many non-dual traditions, oneness traditions. Separation is a state of suffering and perpetuates a state of suffering. And when we were in it, we were in it. Muck up to our neck, we’re in thick, and how do we get out? How do we even pretend to be able to arise from or rise above or transcend situations that have us down that get us down, that beat us down, that take us into places deep within our subconscious, deep within the subterranean, deep, within the darkness of the shadow side of the self, the false self? What do we do when we’re down there? What do we do when we’re down in the basement of our unconscious, of the subconscious world of that place that we hide?

I’m not going to be a self proclaimed expert, not going to be a self proclaimed master. I’m not going to be a self proclaimed anything. I’m not a sage or a seer or a guru or anything like that. The minute we become the master, the minute we become a master teacher, the minute we become labeled as a guru or the minute we we’re labeled as an academic, as a scholar, as a PH.D . . . Not that there’s anything wrong with having a PH.D or being a scholar or being a sage or being any of the things that I have mentioned . . . But what I’ve come to realize in my struggles, in my pursuit of endless needless suffering, perpetuating through nonstop seeking through continuous desire, self- grasping, desire-bound awareness or a lack of awareness, that is. . . through that I’ve realized the hard way that we. . . the only hell that there is the one that we make and that is so true. We would, if we were really honest with ourselves, admit that that we can, in moments where we fail to realize the unitive oneness, the absolute continuity of truth, the absolute revelation of peace of the absolute, an undefiled moment of glory. When we’re not in that, when we have given into Maya or illusion or delusion, where the basic cacamaniac ideas of relativity. . . We get caught in a web of self-confusion. When we’re in that confusion, when we’re in that state and then we can’t get out of that state, it’s. . . it’s a horrid feeling. It’s like what Bible believers like to talk about, about the gnashing of teeth.

Evolution of Grace

That’s what ungraceful situations are. They are when you in your own hell, when you were in your own self-convoluted self-created macabre, some fictitious idea about who you think you are. Usually the spectrum of suffering, the entire spectrum of suffering has much to do, much to do with not our state of consciousness, so to speak, not just our state of consciousness, but more so, more so. . . our failure to connect with hope. . . hope that endures all things. I’m speaking from a deep place of realization and I’ve had some many, many realizations

as of late in my own life that I’d like to share and I liked to draw on because I think that it’s a necessary thing to be humbled and to realize that grace doesn’t always come about through striving. Grace is a gift. I’m not going to give the textbook definition of grace. Grace simply is you at your best. That doesn’t mean you with a straight a 4.0 average in college, cum laude, magna cum laude, whatever you want to call it, whatever situation. The promotion, the vice president position of a corporation, the CEO, becoming the CEO, the heralded CEO. It’s none of those things. It’s nothing that you can do. There’s nothing you can do to attain grace. It’s a free gift. And I’m not speaking of just Christian grace, I’m speaking of grace, universal grace. That grace that penetrates the deepest aspect of who we are. Grace that is free.

The song at the beginning of the show speaks about being “free”. What does it mean to be free? Well, we are literally caught in what I was singing about in the song in masks of legion, “the many”. . .let’s forget about typical talks about possession and the typical understandings of paranormal. Even for just for a few minutes, and let’s just talk about “life”.

What is life? Is it a burden? Or is it to you, something to be lived? I ask this because we’ve all been “there”. We’ve all been to the pits. . . into the bowels of matterward hell, so to speak. And it’s not pleasant to be down where the subterranean dwells. We tend to live in our lower Chakras – Chakras are energy centers, vortices, that consciousness flows in and out of, life force flows in and out of. And we tend to live. . . just not that there’s anything wrong with the lower Chakras, there’s absolutely everything right about the Chakras in living in balance and harmony in the lower triangle as it’s called in Kundalini Yoga. . . Now, that would be the Root Chakra, also the Swadisthana Chakra, the Root Chakra being the Muladhara Chakra, the sacral Chakra being Swadisthana Chakra, and the Manipura Chakra being the Navel Chakra. And you can debate all you want about where the placements are – at the navel or where the solar plexus is. That Chakra – where you want to place it, that’s up to you. We’re not here to discuss Chakras tonight.

Evolution of Grace

I want to talk about how to maintain dignity and integrity, and peace and grace when everything seems to be going wrong. Can you, with five screaming kids clawing and grabbing at you, clawing and ripping for your feet. . . they are tearing at you, spitting at you, biting at you, hitting you, can you, when you are being mauled by a household of animals and want to be fed and they want to and want there needs to be met right then there, on spot and you’re tired and you’ve spent your whole day working or planning or creating or manifesting or living a simply trying to survive the day. . . can you maintain grace? Folks, making the most out of terrible situation is nothing more than simply allowing the energy, the life force that is within us, that manifests

within us, that dwells within us to rise, to go from a downward spiral to an upward pull. And what does this well, there’s meditation that can raise consciousness, raising awareness that can raise the sense of self-worth, that can raise you up out of misery and continued striving and self-grasping.

In gnosticism, we speak at the demiurge. What is that? It’s another concept for another time. It depends on what kind of gnosticism you’re talking about, first of all, it’s not a lesson than a gnosticism tonight either, but the demiurge or the archontic powers that rule us. That seem to grab us. The emotional states of unhappiness, of all the things that we’ve been talking about from self-grasping, that stem from self grasping, from continuous striving, continuous craving. . . I think we know a thing or two about craving and habit and fixation and addiction, but do we know anything about freedom?

Do we know anything about being totally free? Totally honest? Totally pure? Totally ready? Totally available? Totally here? Totally now? Do we know a thing about it?

Evolution of Grace

Can you make doing the dishes a living meditation? Can you make changing the baby’s diaper that has exploded all over the place, a meditation? Can you clean up the vomit on the floor and make that a meditation, the vomit from an animal that’s very sick? Or can you change an adult’s diaper? Someone who can’t do that for themselves . . . can you make that a living meditation? These are moments where we can actively seek – not seek. That’s a terrible word to use. “Seek”. And “strive”. Anything like that. I’m trying to get away from that. . . If you can allow, if you can allow moments that seem ungraceful to manifest as light transmissions, moments of Eureka, moments of euphoria, moments of bliss. Then you are enlightened. . . or you are on the road to enlightenment. . .

But I think like I was saying earlier, the minute you say that you’re enlightened, the minute you say that you’re there. The minute you say you’re God Realized, the minute you say that you’re set for life, the minute you say that you’ve reached Samadhi or oneness or self- realization as I already said, or the minute you say, I am full of grace, that I am saved. The minute you say, I am there, I’ve reached it. . . You become unteachable. Now I’m speaking from experience here. Folks, from experience. I’ve had awakening moments, the moments of pure joy and utter bliss that comes from the heavens. They don’t happen here on earth when we are in the ego. Now some yogis will say, some Yogis can say that you can be in nirvakalpa Samadhi, which is the state of permanent oneness with God. You can be in that state and still be alive and in the body. It’s not that I disagree with that, but I’ve come to realize that you, when you, like speaking in terms of what I know about what I teach, what I share with the world, Kundalini Yoga, I want to work with the Kundalini energy. Why one day are you able to raise it up and be in a position of seeming glory in the

position of seeming unalterable, not needing to alter this sensation of bliss that has become of you? And I give props, I give such tremendous gratitude to those master teachers, those teachers who, the sages of the ages, who have inspired me and been able to allow me to see that there is a way to live in an elevated state in a super conscious state. When I say superconscious, I mean more aware than aware.

Evolution of Grace

I’m not working with a script here. I hardly ever do that. Why is that? I think that the spirit flows where it must in does and wishes to. And it just does its thing and the words will be on your lips when it’s necessary . . . But talking about the state of permanent oneness, I think it’s possible, but I think the moment you realize you’re there, there’s no realization of not being there. Meaning, I mean there’s everything is in an unadultered state, pure potential. Everything is in its actuality, undefiled. Full of light.

You don’t need to do anything to anything or anyone. You don’t need to change a thing. You accept. You totally allow reality to be as it is. But most of us, myself included, we fall into Maya, into delusion, into illusion. We fall into the web of relativity. Relativity, where the circuitry that we connect to in our brains and in our hardware and in the supercomputers that we are. . .I say comparison. That’s one of the the agendas of the ego. Ah, there’s that word. “Ego”. What can we do about the ego? Well, first of all, you have to – I have learned that you need to have an ego in order to transcend the ego. And you need to learn what disgrace is. Or you need to know, and you need to have experiences of being in ungraceful situations in order to know what true grace is. When I speak of grace, I speak of all those elevated states of awareness. Moments of peak consciousness, moments of higher consciousness. They mean nothing. They mean nothing. They don’t mean a damn thing, a damn thing unless you can love. That’s as real as it gets. You can be this. You can be that. You can have this, you can have that. You can be the million dollar athlete, star celebrity. . . But, if you don’t ‘allow’, if you don’t allow things to be simply as they are without needing to change things, without needing to manipulate things, without needing to doctor anything or alter anything. . . Until you’re able to experience that love, that peace, that allowance. You are not free!

Evolution of Grace

My friends, you are not free. And I speak and I include myself in this because we’re all messed up in it. We’re all taken down by this. We all get defeated. It’s what you do the moment after the moment you realize what I’ve been doing all these years, all these days, weeks, months, doesn’t work anymore, it’s when you hit rock bottom, which we’ve talked about in past episodes, it’s when you had gone to your, gotten to your worst, that you realize you are able to realize that you cannot script as was said by a sage, that I have been influenced by my life . . . “You cannot script your own salvation,” so to speak. People say you can manifest. People say, you can visualize, you can

bring about, you can attract things. “The Secret”, all of that. That’s true. We bring about situations in our life. We attract things magnetically. We’re like a magnetic force field. We bring things into our field of awareness, field of perception or we bring things into into our realm and we co- create our experiences. That is true.

The wise know not to speak or don’t need to speak. . . the wise, the wisest don’t need to speak about their peak experiences in a bragging fashion. They don’t need to put out the trophies. their Oscars. They don’t need to show off in front of their peers. They don’t need to be the top dog all the time. . . Unless you have been in moments, where things are falling apart. I don’t think you can truly appreciate some of the greatest things life has to offer. I think it’s just a facade and I think everything is just surface until you have experienced the depths of your own suffering. I’m not saying suffering is a prerequisite for enlightenment or anything like that. You can have magical, mystical experiences I’ve had them – so what! So what!! I’ve had to say to myself, “get over yourself!” What does that mean? To get over yourself means to rise above, but means to transcend the self- concocted ideas about who you think you are. We subject ourselves some of the most experiences life has to offer. We get caught up in emotionality. We get caught up. You hear us say, you hear people say, ‘I was just so caught up in the moment’. There’s a difference between being caught up in the moment, being entangled or being ensnared in your own web of self-confusion and delusion. . . being in the moment, being caught up in the moment suggests that there’s something altered in your awareness. There’s something profane about it, something slanted, something bent, something contorted, something distorted about it.

Evolution of Grace

You know I don’t have the answer, but if you can accept reality as I’ve tried to say in previous shows, for what it is, right now, no matter what it is, you can accept reality. Accept yourself. You’re on the road. You are on the path of transformation. You’ve had a breakthrough. You haven’t had your breakthrough moment. And that’s what the show was about. The show is about encouraging you to have a breakthrough, to have that breakthrough experience, and then to transform your life thereafter because of inspiration. Hopefully, you receive consolation. . .

So, what is your best defense against experiencing the worst side of our nature? The horrid, the futile? . . . I think it has a little bit to do with getting a grip, having a handle on the human experience, learning to be present. Always present. So what I want to say then, I think in conclusion, is every moment you’ve wanted to give up on yourself, when you wanted to throw in the towel, when you wanted to say, I just can’t take it anymore. How much more of this can I take? Why me? Poor me. Self- pitying. It gets you nowhere. The question we’re supposed to ask in situations of dire need, in situations where things seem to be ungraceful – the question is not why, but what? What

can arise? What am I supposed to learn? What am I supposed to see? Not why, but what? So, I end with this prayer:

Transcendent God. You lead us down ways of the unknown. And into the unknown we go. It’s faith. Sometimes it’s deep, sometimes it’s dark. Sometimes it’s scary. But, when we cling to your dark cloak, in the darkness. . . We will rise to see the light. On the day. And in that moment, of realization, that I am forever one with you. In peace and tranquility, in perfect wholeness. Good night, and thank you for joining me once again. You’ve been very faithful, very, very, very generous.

Just one final thought to leave you with. Please check out my website, That’s b, r, y, a, n, r, i, c, e, dot org where you can find information on how to buy and how to get your hands on some music that has encompassed my journey. That has been a reflection of my journey as well as meditations and affirmations set to music that have an uplifting power. May the divine bless you, uplift you, and keep you. Aum. Shanti. Peace. Amen.

Announcer: You have been listening to Turning Points and Transformations with Bryan Rice. We hope you have enjoyed your program today. Let us help build the new humanity and seek to become one with the Divine Presence of all there is.


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The Reality of Who, What, and Where
You Are

A Discourse

Bryan Rice

The  of Who, What, and Where You Are

In this adapted and updated transcript of a discourse first broadcasted on Christ Realization Radio by Project New Humanity in 2018, reflect on the nature of your Real Presence, Essence, and Being while considering teachings of A Course In Miracles about what reality is and where you think you are. According to A Course in Miracles, your Real Identity is Christ and you are One with God. That is who you are. Other traditions might call your True Nature, The Atman, The Self, The God-Self, The Higher Self, The Buddha Nature, or the Inner Guru. Explore ideas surrounding what is reality versus what is considered to be illusion and mere appearances seeming to exist as form. You are here for a short time, are as some say, subject ourselves to being stuck in cycles of death and rebirth, but have never truly left your True Home in the Paradise State of Awareness known as Heaven.

Announcer: You are listening to Christ Realization Radio. Where you will discover the reality and the essence of your presence. With programs brought to you by Project New Humanity Communications.

Announcer: You are listening to Turning Points and Transformation with your host Bryan Rice. Will today be the day that you have your breakthrough in consciousness? It is time to be uplifted!

Bryan: Joy to you friends. This is Bryan Rice. Coming to you on the resurrected radio network as you heard at the beginning of the show here on Christ Realization Radio. It’s taken shape in many forms. It’s been in existence since 2010 under different names with many different hosts and programming. All inspiring, all seeking to do the same thing, to speak from. What is the universal curriculum, rather the eternal, Reality of God. Sanataan Dharma. Transcending any one tradition. Many of the programs I’ve hosted in the past on Turning Points and Transformations, have had to do with topics such as yoga, yoga philosophy, kundalini yoga, A Course in Miracles, The Second Coming of Christ by Paramahansa Yogananda. While, those have been in programs such as the “Christ Within” or “Samadhi of the Christ”. This program, Turning Points and Transformations is unique unto itself for it seeks to draw from wisdom for many traditions and speak about things that are relevant to you and to your plan and path of awakening to truth. So we’re not limited to one text, one scripture, but I to use A Course in Miracles quite a bit because I think it is a path to God-Realization, Self-Realization, or would I call Christ-Realization.

The Reality of Who, What, and Where You Are

Bryan: It’s a philosophical treatise (a form of spiritual psychotherapy), not a dogma, nor a fixed set of beliefs that you’re supposed to adhere to. Rather it gives practical, mystical insights that you can apply to your life, centering around the idea of forgiveness and transcending fear through love. The reality of love is all there is, really. It’s the only thing that is true as is stated in the introduction of A Course in Miracles. God is love and can have no opposite. Fear is called the opposite, but fear is not real. Today’s

program will go into the idea that there is nothing else at all in essence or creation or truth that can be opposed to Love. Nothing. And the title of today’s show is “The Reality of Who, What and Where You Are.” Well, what are you Who are you You are Christ. Some people would call it the self, the true self, the higher self, the Atman in eastern traditions and Hindu traditions. Where are you in the real world beyond the physical. What warrants such a discussion about reality? Well, we manufacture something that we call reality through perception, through that primal act of having attempted to separate from the love, the wholeness and oneness and completed aspect of God. We sought to reject our oneness because we thought there could be something else. The something else that we seek for is our own private individual experience, which we often try to call it creation or manifestation. I was going to say self-manifestation or self- actualization.

The Reality of Who, What, and Where You Are

Bryan: What I want to spend a great deal of time talking about on this network here and now in 2018 and beyond is reestablishing the connection with that Christ nature, and when I say Christ, I’m not speaking simply of a person, not the person known as Jeshua or Jesus. I’m talking about a “Presence”, an Intelligence, an Essence, a reflected light nature and anointing, the Real Presence and life force of who you are is the Christ. You are that. You are a son or daughter of God. You were created in perfect oneness in Heaven. You reside in Heaven. You always have. But seem to be experiencing cycles of birth and rebirth or birth and death, reincarnation, coming back to this place we call a world, which we try to name as reality when in fact it is, but an illusion. That’s according to A Course in Miracles. You don’t have to believe that to listen to the programming on this network. I’m only here to try and get you to ask questions. To search, to continue to find nuggets of wisdom that you can take on your journey. It’s not in any way meant to confine anybody.

Bryan: This network is not meant to confine anybody to one tradition. As I was saying earlier, you could also say, much of what we are about on this network is divine realization or theosis, divinization, knowing that you are divine. That is your true nature. So, there’s two voices you can listen to. If we stick with the philosophy of A Course in Miracles, and again, let’s not get attached to terms. There is the Holy Spirit and there is the ego. Again. Holy Spirit can be called Higher Self, True Self, Inner Wisdom, Universal Inspiration, Higher Mind, again, True Self. While the ego can be called the false self or our beastial nature, where we seek to be independent of God, the Divine, the Divine Presence that is. So, if there’s still a question in your mind of who you are, it is not the self you have made. It is the Self which was created by the Divine, residing in… now always and forever in that edenic state of Paradise. Oneness, a state of awareness where all is one, all is in union. Where we are in communion with God. Your personality, the self you think you are the false self, the small mind. The ego thought system is something that you have

The Reality of Who, What, and Where You Are

made. In A Course in Miracles, it speaks about creation versus making and we’re really meant to be co-creators with God, with the Divine, with the Allness. Bryan: But, in order to try to assert our independence and to try to become more than God and try to usurp the power of God, we make things. We make self-concepts, ideas about ourselves, self definitions, and then we call that who we are. Those images that we make. Our self definitions come from lack, fear, scarcity, and guilt. I’m not here to make you feel guilty on Turning Points and Transformations on this network and in other programs. I’m hopefully here to give you permission to be liberated from guilt. And this is coming from somebody who was extremely, extremely scrupulous in my twenties. I kept my priests in business. I was in the confessional confessing “sin” or sins. Or things that I thought I did that would leave some sort of mark on my soul trying to obtain and attain, and receive, absolution or freedom from self imposed torment from affliction all created by my ego. And we all do that.

Bryan: Christianity in it’s mainstream focuses a great deal upon these sins or infractions. Sin means missing the mark. A Course in Miracles calls it absence of love – but sin is NOT real. We just make mistakes. We make errors. We choose illusions, things that are not true. We choose against our Christ nature, our Atman nature, our Higher Self nature, our True Self nature, we choose against it. Where we feel insecure again, lacking. It’s that scarcity principle where we think we need something to be complete. When in reality we are already whole. At the top of every show, the question is asked of you, will today be the day you have your breakthrough in consciousness? Well, we’re not going to go into the mechanics of consciousness or perception or of the ego mind, how it was made, what it is, because the ego loves that. The ego loves to talk about itself. What we need to do in order to have a breakthrough in consciousness or in awareness is the better word… in awareness is to challenge what we have made, which are known as appearances. That’s a word used in the Course. Forms. The changeable or the changing.

The Reality of Who, What, and Where You Are

Bryan: You are, changeless. You’re the changeless Son and Daughter of God, the Almighty, the Son and Daughter of the Divine Allness and that Divine Allness is beyond all gender and beyond all form. So, if we are one with our Source and are beyond all form, we too are formless… and that makes the form unreal. Well, the formless the formlessness of spirit, of potential, the actuality of who we are, the Christ, which A Course in Miracles says, is the one Son of God who we all are. . .

Bryan: Why do we manufacture our reality? Well, you can’t call it reality… Why do we manufacture a substitute for reality, rather? Because we were afraid. And this is happening now as it did a long time ago or appeared to happen a long time ago. That’s the good news. The good news is that really didn’t happen. The separation from God

really didn’t happen. The creation of the world, this universe, this earth, this place, this dwelling place that we appear to be in did not really happen. It’s an illusion. Time and space are an illusion. The real world, {the world of happiness and joy made by the Holy Spirit which is the goal of the spiritual journey, the state of mind which immediately precedes the awakening to Heaven, according to Course teacher Robert Perry’s Glossary of Terms} is where you are. Where you still inhabit is Heaven. And that isn’t necessarily a place. Heaven is a state of awareness, of perfect oneness, a state of awareness of perfect oneness, and we won’t go into the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles or other non-dualistic teachings necessarily, but we need to learn to distinguish between who we really are versus who we really aren’t. What we really are versus what we really aren’t. Are not rather. And where we are really, in reality, versus where we think we are.

The Reality of Who, What, and Where You Are

Bryan: We weren’t content with being Christ. So in a certain sense you can say we like the biblical or the understanding of the fallen angel of Lucifer in Christianity who chose not to serve God and became what now is given so much attention as a demon or a devil, something diabolical, something evil. We’re all in a sense like fallen angels. We turned our back on God and Helen Shuchman, the scribe. Well, the one who took down A Course in Miracles from the voice which she said was Jeshua, Jesus. . . in her original handwritten notes talked about that, that what we’ve come to experience has been like a fall from – that fall from grace. The separation has been like us being a fallen angel, but we’re not a fallen angel. We’re still the pure, radiant, eternal loved, unchanging, undefiled, perfect Son and Daughter of God. In every moment we can give birth like mother Mary in Heaven did too. Jeshua, the awakened brother who calls us to a journey of awakening in A Course in Miracles (and other works such as The Way of Mastery). A journey that he completed, a journey that he says we can take as well and should take and will take because that is the will of God. That is what we want to do. Really in reality, that is our will too. So, we’re not in the substitute reality known as the universe, earth, time and space. We’re in that Edenic state of oneness, singing a beautiful hymn with the chorus of angels and light beings. He has One Whole

One Continuous Whole, One Ever-Expansive, Never Ending, Whole, Infinite Beyond Measure.

Bryan: What are you? The Christ, the True Self. You are pure inner wisdom and so we should let inner wisdom guide us. Each person has the teacher within them. When we appeared to separate from God, and I say “we” because it was the collective ego and then we did it each time and do it each time we choose to come back to earth through birth where there’s a script written {by the Holy Spirit after we choose to come back}. The ego writes its own version through dreaming, projecting, and image making, of what we think should occur in life, in the illusion of life, rather here on earth, or if there are other beings from other terrains, let’s just leave it at that. Other planets

The Reality of Who, What, and Where You Are

maybe. Who, who are we to rule that out? And who are we to rule out other aspects of what we call reality, other realms, dimensions, the Christian Kabbalah, the Kabbalah of Judaism speaks of various universes being manifested through the act of creation. Now, I don’t have the complete and whole understanding of it, of that teaching. Those teachings, and I’m not an expert in that by any means, but why couldn’t we have created other universes, other galaxies. We created other planets {or some mind did} Some spiritual teachers and astrophysicists have spoken of island universes out there. Again, from A Course perspective, these would be alternative realities where form, may be manifest or a life – it’s called in scientific – in a scientific paradigm, from that point of view, in a biological sense, something that can be studied that’s dense, that’s matterward, matter bound, bound by was not created by God, but by the ego.

Bryan: Now, just a personal note, it’s taken me over 15 years to actually get through the text of A Course in Miracles. Why do I say that? Why do I share that? Why do I think that’s important? Well, I was only ready for certain aspects of The Course to be transmitted to me by Holy Spirit, by Higher Self, by Higher Mind, by Inner wisdom, by the Inner Teacher. . . by the Christ mind. Awakening can’t be forced upon us. It comes from above. And it comes from within. . .

Bryan: But getting back to reality in substitute realities in why we did it in the first place. When we forgot or disassociated from who we are, who we are, the Christ, the Son of God, the Son and Daughter of God, the Course uses masculine terminology. And I’m not too fond of that, but it’s purpose in my opinion – and my opinion doesn’t really matter at all really. . . But its purpose is to say that we are all the same. We’re not male and female. We’re not these individual bodies appearing as men in women with different skin colors coming from different heritages and races. All these differences that we see in the world, all this multiplicity, all this – all these forms, all these appearances, as I said before, are not real.

The Reality of Who, What, and Where You Are

Bryan: It goes back to, we are the Christ. We’re the Self. We are the Atman. And when we forgot that and we thought that there was something beyond God that we could have and something beyond Christ that we could be. We gave into what was called the “tiny mad idea.” So from madness came this alternative experience. Let’s call it experience. Let’s not use the word reality. Let’s not give the ego it’s gratification or the satisfaction. (Pause) I take a moment. I pause and I asked Jeshua, Jesus to come to be present here with all of us as an older brother, as an enlightened being, as an equal, an equal, but as the awakener. . . to take control of this show. Jeshua, what do you want to be said and shared and talked about from this point forward?

Bryan: I believe what he wants us to do is focus on what the simple

fact that nothing that appeared to happen, that we thought we did or anything that we thought we did to God or to other people and to ourselves, never really occurred.

Bryan: Now you might say, if you’re somebody listening to this and never having been exposed to A Course in Miracles or to anything nondual in nature, you might say, well, how can you say that this experience here in this world seems to be so real? You know, what about the bills that have to be paid? What about the insurance bill that has to be paid? The taxes that have to be paid? What about the need to buy clothes? That’s all very real, isn’t it? Well, we’re told not to worry about those things. Though we have to to survive in this world, to live in this world. It’s a necessary part, but it’s not the entire picture. It’s not the entirety. It’s not the be all end all. It’s not all that is. It’s not what we should give our full attention to. We should be in alignment, alignment with reality, first and foremost, know where we are, know who we are, know what we are, and then everything else will fall into place if we know that, that we are Christ and we are seeing through the eyes of Christ which The Course calls Christ Vision. . . and if we see our brother the way God sees us and our brother or sister, if you want to use that term, which I like to, just to keep it from sounding one sided or biased, so God sees you a certain way, always has always will. And we’re to see our brother and sister, the person who really is our savior

The Reality of Who, What, and Where You Are

The person who we think is our enemy is our savior, the person to which we project guilt onto is really one who’s meant to do deliver us and to give us salvation or liberation. Salvation is a word that’s overused even though it’s used in the Course

In this, this podcast, this show is coming from Course teachings, but again, I don’t want to limit the scope of what is known as the “universal curriculum,” which is not limited to the over a thousand page revelation known as A Course in Miracles, in all the various books that it exists. And those words themselves, are mere symbols, and they just tried to help us undo false thinking, erroneous perception, the substitute reality. Take the veil off from in front of roll it up, take it out of the way from the substitute reality so that reality itself can be shown to us the reality of oneness, of changelessness, of purity, of undifferentiated oneness, the eternal existence.

Bryan: We make laws with the ego mind, the limited mind, the small mind, the fractured mind, the false self, the self grasping nature, the ego illusion. . . So, we make illusions to make us feel better about ourselves. To hide and try to compensate for the guilt we feel – this immense unconscious guilt we feel about having so we thought, rejected God, and created a different existence. Again, an alternative reality. People today are now really into virtual reality, creating these alternative realities that you seem to be able to live in. A dream within a dream. It’s a word I haven’t used very much in the show, but this is a dream. You are dreaming even you’ll hearing me now you are dreaming this, but in the dream can come a light that can be

The Reality of Who, What, and Where You Are

turned on. You can have an “a-ha” moment. Illumination can occur. Gnosis or Divine Realization can occur and you can realize who and what you really are and where you really are, which is were you never left, the heavenly dwelling place. The Edenic state of bliss. We want to awaken from the dream. We want to undo illusions. Recognize through true perception or even beyond that through knowledge where gnosis, what is real and what isn’t. And you hear the word idolatry used in religious circles going back to ancient times. The word idols is used in the Course. There are things we really, really, really thought we wanted, but we never really did. Where are we have sought completion because we have felt incomplete, fractured, broken. We’ve wanted to heal from our brokenness, from our suffering, from our pain, from our afflictions. We’ve wanted to wake up so bad . . . at the same time, we’ve tried so hard to erase that guilt that we feel for having chosen this place where we are, or we seem to be rather. Not where we are, but where are we seem to be known as this world, that we tried to substitute for eternity.

Bryan: Now, miracles allow us to change the way we view how we live in this world and they help us to wake up. Miracles, if you remember from the fifty miracles principles, are spoken of as interpersonal. They’re not just something to do to make yourself super human. There’s something that involves communication with or interaction with other human beings, other souls out there, spirits, other minds which The Course calls our brother. Again, our brother is our savior. So you are not different from your brother. You are your brother. Your brother is the bringer of salvation because your brother mirrors to you who you are, the perfect son and daughter of God, the Christ. If you see your brother as guiltless. If you see your brother or sister as innocent, you will be able to see the innocence in you. You will be able to start healing the unconscious guilt that you feel. You’ll start being able to unpackage the subconscious, deep repressed feelings, emotions and thoughts that we carry with us which take the form of guilt and then we would live out things such as lack as I mentioned earlier in the show, scarcity thinking we’re not worthy of abundance or love or grace. Where all the good things that come from the Father, beyond any gender. God is not anthropomorphic. God does not have a form. God is not a person. Neither are you. You’re not an individual

The Reality of Who, What, and Where You Are

That’s something that’s hard to digest, hard to get used to an idea that’s somewhat foreign to us because we’ve grown up in a culture, in a world that prides itself upon being unique and one of a kind. That’s an illusion.

Bryan: We came here to be special. The Course speaks of specialness. Because we weren’t content with changeless love. Changeless love didn’t satisfy us, so we tried to find completion outside of ourselves. Hence we projected a world outside that we appear to be in, having experiences in, making choices. It’s really all a big hallucination. What you see out there as a reflection of your thoughts and keep in mind that you are a thought in the Mind of God. If that’s

the case and ideas leave not their source, like the Course says, then there’s no way we can be the product of our hallucinations, of our projections, of the image making that we take part in. So, really, discernment is an ongoing process. We have to ask, is this from the ego or the Holy Spirit to discern what is real versus what is unreal. Am I seeing through the eyes of Christ through Christ Vision or am I speaking or acting in accordance with the voice for God, the Holy Spirit or Universal Inspiration? Or am I speaking from a very small and cutoff, separated self. . .

Bryan: Sacred Heart of Jeshua. Jesus. Bless us all in this moment as we ponder these things, ponder these thoughts. It’s really encouraging and damn great news. . . excuse my choice of words, but I’m just trying to get your attention. It is great news. Now what we seem to manufacture never really happened. Never really occurred. It’s a figment of our imagination. It is a grand hallucination. It’s a script being played out that we wrote {This is a misnomer as I have come to understand. We try to write scripts of how we want our day to go, but the Holy Spirit really wrote the script that will enable us to wake up. It’s more appropriate to say that our ego invests in a personal story, rather, a dream.} Where we tried to be special. . . we’re trying to be separate, where we tried to be different where we tried to be individuals. Where we try to be unique. Where we tried to be more than God. Where we tried to create on our own, which the Course really would call “making,” which is not the same as co-creating with God {we create in Heaven}. Co-creation takes place in eternity. We’re called to extend love because we are love. We’re called to be love because we are love. And everything that we see and encounter with other people and in our own lives, in our own decision making and our own thought process is either love or a call for love, but oftentimes we tend to be experiencing life or what we think is life, through the lens of fear as we mentioned earlier in the show

The Reality of Who, What, and Where You Are

Fear again in the opening of the Course is said to be the opposite of love, but what is all encompassing can have no opposite, so God really doesn’t have an opposite

So anything that comes from fear or from terror or from panic or from anxiety or worry or stress or anger or indifference or depression or sadness is from the ego. Because the eternal blesses our nature. Peace is our nature. Joy is our nature. Joy is our essence. Joy is who we are. We’ve always been joy and it’s joy to which we seek to return. . . and we seek that by becoming one with the Christ. . . one in being one in truth, walking with and walking, holding the hand and being guided by the Christ, the Christ Mind, which is the Holy Spirit

Which was God’s answer for the separation, for that primal error in judgment that happened immediately after we separated or tried to separate ourselves from God that’s called the Atonement, and many of you already know that in Jeshua, Jesus is in charge of the Atonement, at least according to the curriculum of A Course in Miracles, and the Atonement, was established by not his crucifixion but by his resurrection. So, when we appeared to transition in this life. .

from this life rather here on earth or wherever we may dwell

or seemed to dwell, again, it’s all a matter of how you use your words. And words again are but symbols they cannot describe love. We can only seek to try to remove the blockage to the awareness of God’s presence. God cannot be explained. Love cannot be taught.

The Reality of Who, What, and Where You Are

Bryan: It can be shown to us, again, through revelation, experiences of God contact, union and communion with God, spiritual experiences of that oneness of which we already are a part of. And we have those experiences from time to time to help renew and encourage us along the journey to keep on moving ahead, keep on the path of awakening to returning. To returning to the Heart of God. {“Return to the Heart of God”} Just completed that book by Robert Perry from the Circle of Atonement, an outreach. Wonderful Book. I give it five stars. I will go back and read that multiple times and use that as a study resource because he outlines the whole fall {separation in Course terms} – seeming fall from grace, the state from which we came and our fall from it {though it never happened}, and then that trip back towards Heaven that we seem to have to walk because we live in a realm of perception, and perception is not reality. If I haven’t said that already, perception is not reality. It’s an interpretation. We all have our own interpretation of what life is. The ego tells us these things. Life is love. Love is all there is. Love is all there is! So be not afraid.

Bryan: I just owned up to this in a course I’m taking. I thought it would be great to keep a catalog of all the times that the word fear was used in the pages of the Text and Workbook, Manual for Teachers and in the supplements of of the Course and I tried to keep up with them all, quote them all and I was going to, I guess somehow make a flash card for all the quotes to see just how many times the word fear is used, but what I was doing was looking through the lens of fear. I was trying to master my fears instead of seek mastery through love. Because most of the time when the word fear is used in the Course, it’s used to describe that separated condition. The state of alienation we seem to experience. So to add to the title of this show, I had said who, what and where you are. “The Reality of Who, What and Where You Are”. I could add and “where you’re going”, but you’re not going anywhere because you haven’t went anywhere. That again is good news. You haven’t went anywhere. You’re still in the bosom, still in the embrace, still in the Father’s house. And in the Father’s house, there are many mansions as the Bible speaks of. Jeshua was said to have said that. Many dwelling places. . . don’t get attached to the word mansions and what it connotes such as forms because again, in the reality of who we are, we are form less. We have no shape. We’re part of an endless light continuum. A truth continuum that just keeps going and expanding outwards. It’s a “Fullness”

The Reality of Who, What, and Where You Are

In gnostic teachings, it’s called the Pleroma and it’s a really cool thing to try and imagine as we’re called to extend and join with other people on our journey, people that we encounter in this world. And we’re called to have holy encounters. Yes, remember that. Don’t forget that. But we are

emanations of God. Creations and emanations can be used interchangeably. We radiate out from the Heart of God, the Mind of God, and we want to be at the end of the spectrum that’s so far away from God in what’s closest to the experience known as density or being matter-bound. Why are we so content with that and why do we call those appearances in that matter-bound world, in this matter-bound world, reality. When it’s not.

Bryan: Well, we needed someone to tell us that that’s not reality. We needed a radical shake up of our paradigm and worldview – and of our point of view, from which we view ourselves, God and our purpose. Our purpose is union. Our purpose is love. Our purpose is to forgive. This undoes the whole illusion. Forgiveness undoes illusions. Practice it as a means towards God-Realization, towards realizing God in your life, towards realizing the Christ in your life, the Self, the True Self of who you are, the essence of your presence.

Bryan: We talked a lot about guilt and how we feel guilty at the root of our being. And the root of our guilt is causing us to project. We project guilt on to others. We project the guilt that we feel – and the punishment that we feel we’re deserving of, for having made the choice to reject God and try to create a world where we could be hiding and separate from God. I lost my train of thought, but what I really want to do in wrapping up here is say, forgive. Forgive yourself and forgive your brother for what never happened. There is no past as the Workbook says. There is only the eternal moment of now which is called the the holy instant, and when we you live in that moment outside of time and space, we are living in reality. So the holy instant is a gateway to reality. And teachings on the holy instant is a show worthy of itself, worthy of its own focus, rather.

The Reality of Who, What, and Where You Are

Bryan: So friends, I thank you for having been present and just going with the flow here. Wherever it has seemed to take us. You are love. You are Christ. You are home. You never left. You have nothing to feel guilty about. You don’t need to punish yourselves or other people because you think you are unworthy of of that love. You are worthy. You are worthy. You’ve never done anything to change how God feels about you. I should add that God does not condemn, never has never will, so God has no need to forgive us. Forget about that whole image of a wrathful God who seeks vengeance. Won’t happen, will never happen. God doesn’t enter our dream, an experience, our madness, the only justice there is, that we experience and can experience and should experience is the justice of expressed through miracles.

Bryan: Friends, thank you for joining me and Turning Points and Transformations. Please come back for our next episode. Wishing you peace, joy, and bliss.

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