The Calm Inner Light Infusion Diksha


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Items needed
White novena candle

Sit in the lotus position with your spine straight. Or sit on the edge of a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Chin parallel to the ground and your spine straight.

WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: Where I am going it is frightening. But I must go. This candle lit before me is symbolic of what I must reclaim within my being. That much I know. I am naked without it. In the dark. Asleep at the wheel of life. Driving down a winding road, not clear of my destination. I will reclaim what is mine. The Calm Inner Light. I seek this infusion. In this diksha. Another empowerment of the divine indwelling GodSelf I must re-awaken.

A radiant, crystalline figure appears. It is your Higher GodSelf-Spark Angelic Presence. It says nothing but bows before you. “Reach out your hand,” it says. You hesitate.

WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: (asks) “Who are you?”

GODSELF-SPARK: “The God-Spark within you, projected outwards for you to see, plain as the day you chose to incarnate again, to fuse with the light of conception in your mother’s body.

WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: “What do you want?” you ask.


GODSELF-SPARK: “For you to be free. Take this.” The God-Spark Higher Self hands you a sparkling silver key.

WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: “What is this for?” you ask.

GODSELF-SPARK: “To unlock the Light of the World within you. The Blessed Hope of Wholeness found only in the Basement beneath your present moment awareness. You need but free the Light and Life Power for your further evolution in consciousness. To Transcend the limitations you have allowed to overtake you since childhood. It is time to silence the suffering Light-Child within to tune in to the Radio Station of the Divine Frequency that speaks to you all throughout the day, every day, which you but need to hear, to Unleash Infinity and Abundance. Success and Amazement. Hope and Holy Perception. To see and hear clearly in every moment where the Ruach or Spirit Breath of God fills you with the sustenance of Life. I will take you to where you must go. To face the prisoner who keeps you imprisoned. It is time to Liberate your Life. Travel once more, into the trenches of your subconsciousness. This is a journey everyone must take at one time or another. If they want to have true wholeness and Restoration of the Calm Inner Light to Shine in the darkness of mis-created worlds you call real, but that will only perish because they are not everlasting. Here. Read this before we leave.”


Your Projected God-Spark-Thought Adjuster and Higher Self hands you a scroll. You open it and read it.


WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: I am loved. So I am love. So I will love.
God-Current. God-Life. Vital Force. The vital force circuitry, the blood of the Father-Mother within me, You connect me to the Source of all Life, which is Light. The light of the Light-Continuum. Rays of brilliant light pierce my heart chakra and illuminate this most intelligent transformer of your Life Force Power that distributes Your Essence, this, your Blood of Light-Life-Healing throughout my energy body. Numinosity fills every cell, every tissue, every muscle, every bone, descends into my marrow. This Golden Blood-Light is the Radiance of the Solar Light. You illumine me, you fill me to overflowing. Blood of Gold, transmuting consciousness flame. Flow through me now. The inner torch to guide me on this descent.


A crystalline orb in their hand glows outward in every direction. It’s wattage is brighter than any light you have seen before.

GODSELF-SPARK: I will show you the way down into your internal Gehenna. But you must take this light when I tell you. Then I will leave and you, and with that key, you….well, you will know what you must do.

WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: How will I know?

GODSELF-SPARK: It is then, I will return to my rightful place within you. Close your eyes. Grab my hand.


You see the glow of light coming from the orb. It is so strong that it seems to be coming from within you.


GODSELF-SPARK: Count backwards with me from ten. Stopping after seven, listening to my command and stopping again after three to listen to my command. When we get to zero, you will enter “deep sleep”.

WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE & GOD-SPARK: Ten, nine, eight, seven, deeper, six, five, four, three, going deeper, two, one, zero. Zero is always, “Deep sleep.”


In an instant you feel a strong magnetic pull in your spine, downwards. This is your descent into the realms of the underworld within, that of the subconscious. The Light of the God-Spark companion pierces every dark corner of the cavern, the cave, the abyss underneath the surface awareness, beneath the normal level of awareness. The God-Spark shines light, circling this “inner chamber of fragmentation.” In the point between the eyebrows, your eyes still closed, you see many shadowy figures.

GODSELF-SPARK: You will come for them another time. We don’t have enough light to take them all with us right now.

You wonder who these shadowy figures are. You hear whispers coming from them. Some voices are audible. Negative. Attacking. Coming from misery and pain.

Then the GODSELF-SPARK shines the bright light on a familiar child’s body who is chained to a wall, down in Eden’s Basement. Again, you see this at the point between your eyebrows, eyes still closed. This child is malnourished, but his/her face resembles a clown-doll, painted red and blue. This is the inner critical figure that fights for your attention, to have its needs resolved, to have its revenge on you and all those who have hurt you. The child is nine years old. Its hunger is evident. He/She is emaciated.

Carried by a chariot of discriminating God Mind Power, you realize that it is time to face this Inner immature critic that subconsciously wants you to sink into the quicksand of the negativity that lurks below the surface of waking consciousness.

You approach the child with the GODSELF-SPARK. When you reach the proximity of four feet away, the child, who you think is sleeping, lashes out at you with the most horrendously, terror-laden voice. You think to yourself, that the familiar child is filled with a torturing spirit.

GODSELF-SPARK: He/She has been down here for a long time. Too long. Only you can rescue this child. As I told you, I must go.

WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: Wait! You said I would know what to do? How? I don’t know.

GODSELF-SPARK: Open your eyes. And watch this.


Right then, the GODSELF-SPARK ANGELIC PRESENCE metamorphosizes before you into a fluid river of golden blood, life force light. The light begins to flow into your Christed Third Eye, enters your brain, illuminates it and opens upward, the thousand petaled lotus flower at your crown chakra a top of your head. A beam of even stronger violet-rayed light comes from above and enters this portal, this vortex, this spinning wheel at your crown. You feel so alive. Filled to overflowing. This is a feeling that you remember, but don’t know from where or when you last “knew” this Presence. You hear the GODSELF-SPARK within you, the Radiant Calm Inner Light speak to you in a still small voice of intuition.

GODSELF-SPARK: Yes, it’s me. It has always been me. Me in you. The time for you to take notice has been long overdue. Talk to the boy/girl. I know what you are thinking. You know this child. It is your nine-year-old clown-doll self. The part of you that has not been able to resolve many of your childhood need-deprivation responses and all resultant reactivity to being unfulfilled, seemingly abandoned, and all related wounding and rejections. Be careful. This child is pure pain. Filled with hate. It thrives on lashing out.
You now engage in a dialogue with your inner critical child. Find out what it wants. Sit and contemplate the things he or she thinks they need to be happy. Come to an understanding. See the child for what they are. In their pre-wounded state. You spend several minutes with the inner child, who tells you all its frustrations about needs it feels were not met early in life. It tells you how it compensated and changed its “program for happiness”. Heal this child by seeing its God-Likeness. In pure innocence. You shine and channel the light of the GodSelf-Spark into this inner child’s heart. Don’t be intimidated if the child resists the Light-Transmission. Not to worry. The calm inner light is more powerful than egoic self-inflicted suffering. You are taking the nails out of the hands and feet of your inner child, showing it directly that it is forever One with the Life and Current of the Divine Consciousness. Fuse and become one with this child. See the GodSelf within this child. This will set them free. After several moments, who you really are speaks.

WHO YOU REALLY ARE: I am one with the Presence of God within me. I am one with the Spirit of God within me. I am one with the Life Force Power of God within me. I am one in essence of the God Amazement within me.

The Child joins in and you say in unison:

I accept this moment. I accept you. I accept me in you. I am calm. I am calm I am free. I am calm. I am peace. I am free in the light of God Radiance shining through me, the river of the truth-light continuum coursing through my veins, my nervous system, comingling with my blood, informing my neurons, making new neural pathways, healthy canals that replace the grooves of worn out mis-perceptions.

This is an ending and beginning, rather an ever beginning, ever-becoming. Forever one. You grab the child’s hand and lead them out of this subconscious, subterranean dungeon and set them free, guiding them out of the darkness with the Calm Inner Light.



DAY 27
My highest priority and prime goal is to see with Christed Vision, that of the Atman Self at one with Brahman-Father-Mother, the Indestructable God Mind Sight. I want to see beyond the densification of matter and individual bodies that are the product of multiplicity, beyond subjectivity and relativity and all the images of projected mayaic delusion, to the one light beam of Love coming from the Divine Source who makes all seeing possible. This is what I truly want – peace and Bliss Eternal. Santosha-Contentment is what I desire. Wholeness is my pursuit. I will clean the lens of the Witnessing Christed Third Eye of Intuition with objectivity to see innocence in all my brothers and thereby in myself. I will create instead of make. I will awake from sleep. Dissolve the power that hypnosis has had over my body’s attempt to see.
The Cosmic Vibratory Memory of God in my mind, the Holy Spirit Aum Vibration brings many blessings. It allows me to perceive with Radical Right Perception in the truest, most clear possible way. Today, I will tame and undo the ego-beast of animality and selfishness to see with the eye of Wisdom. I will dream a new dream. See a new world. Perceive the Primordial Creation of the One Divine Oversoul-Spirit or God Mind. Write a new script. Allow Divinity to Direct a different motion picture that isn’t driven by conflict, drama, and pain.
It is time to stop hiding behind the ego-body’s blindness that limits me from seeing the Divine everywhere, in my brothers and sisters and behind the veil of physicality. The Worlds of Light, coming from the causal-ideational and astral-energetic planes are there to be perceived. Through Witnessing Presence, I will bear in mind that the world my egoic-ahamkar mind has made will perish and is only temporary. It will disappear when I forgive and align with the Love of Supreme Spirit. The illusions of superimposed image forms will fall away when I turn off the film projector of the fragmented individual mind.
Christ Vision is the key to unlock the prison door that encloses me in a body. It is the other way I have been seeking throughout this exile in a material world. I turn within and remember what I truly want to see. I will extend only Love as I begin to see and witness and notice. I will observe through objectivity rather than be swayed to and fro by the whirlpool fluctuations of thought and emotions that seem to rise and fall, clouding my True Awareness of Oneness. Vision makes no real demands. It can only bless with Bliss.
I will see only love by repeating today’s idea repeatedly, every fifteen minutes, as often as I can:


‘My highest priority and prime goal is to see with Christed Vision, that of the Atman Self at one with Brahman-Father-Mother, the Indestructable God Mind Sight. I want to see beyond the densification of matter and individual bodies that are the product of multiplicity, beyond subjectivity and relativity and all the images of projected mayaic delusion, to the one light beam of Love coming from the Divine Source who makes all seeing possible. This is what I truly want – peace and Bliss Eternal. Santosha-Contentment is what I desire. Wholeness is my pursuit.’


(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Mind Science, New Thought, Metaphysics, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)