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Evolution of Grace

                              Bryan Rice

Evolution of Grace

Explore with Bryan Rice, the ideas surrounding grace and evolution of consciousness and how important it is to try and maintain grace in seemingly disastrous and unpleasant experiences. It is all a matter of perspective and about changing your perception on how you view what to one person may seem to be unfavorable and challenging, but to another with a transformed perception, one can see such circumstances as opportunities for grace to flow into one’s life and raise one’s awareness to Higher Consciousness.

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You are listening to Turning Points and Transformations with your host, Bryan Rice. Will today be the day that you have your breakthrough in consciousness? It is time to be uplifted.

Welcome, and joy to you. This is a rebroadcast of a 2012 episode from The Way of Consciousness Radio Network.

Bryan: Well, hello and welcome to Turning Points and Transformations. This is Bryan Rice from the Order of the Friends of Jeshua, coming to you here, on Wednesday evening. I’m coming from the east coast, upstate New York. Can’t complain. It’s beautiful foliage. Peak season for the leaves changing. Got a chance to go up on the ski lift other day with my family and got to see everything in full effect. Everything in its primordial nature, the not the dying phase necessarily, but the maturing phase, the maturation, the final stages of these wonderful lives from these leaves that covered the trees. God is conscious of every leaf, and it is that God tending to your every need at every given moment. Well, I, again, I have to be grateful and I have to send out gratitude to you for your continued to listenership, especially last week. Well, it’s a new day. And we have new things to talk about and specifically this in this episode, “The Evolution of Grace” here tonight. We will talk about how we can maintain grace in ungraceful situations. And there’s a way to do it. There is. How? You’re probably asking how, I mean, how when the electric is going to get shut off in my house and how when the heat bill is $500 a month and we just can’t afford it? How am I going to maintain grace then? Well, attitude and altitude are two things, two factors in the whole equation, and maintaining a solid sense of self. .

Evolution of Grace

and having a firm foundation and rootedness, in the awareness of the presence of light, the light continuum, the truth continuum, having yourself connected at the core to the primordial and the first and the right relationship of oneness – and I’ve speaking of oneness quite a bit lately, I realized that, and well, why? Well, because all is One. And separation is an illusion. We all perpetuate and we get

caught up in struggle and we get caught up in desire and we get caught up in striving and we get caught up in trying to claim . . . in trying to ascend in trying to be merit worthy – trying to attain merit, that is. And you know, the whole striving and struggling is an endless pursuit of goals that we can never allow ourselves to be satisfied with and when we’re doing that, that’s the separation state. The state of separation spoken of in many non-dual traditions, oneness traditions. Separation is a state of suffering and perpetuates a state of suffering. And when we were in it, we were in it. Muck up to our neck, we’re in thick, and how do we get out? How do we even pretend to be able to arise from or rise above or transcend situations that have us down that get us down, that beat us down, that take us into places deep within our subconscious, deep within the subterranean, deep, within the darkness of the shadow side of the self, the false self? What do we do when we’re down there? What do we do when we’re down in the basement of our unconscious, of the subconscious world of that place that we hide?

I’m not going to be a self proclaimed expert, not going to be a self proclaimed master. I’m not going to be a self proclaimed anything. I’m not a sage or a seer or a guru or anything like that. The minute we become the master, the minute we become a master teacher, the minute we become labeled as a guru or the minute we we’re labeled as an academic, as a scholar, as a PH.D . . . Not that there’s anything wrong with having a PH.D or being a scholar or being a sage or being any of the things that I have mentioned . . . But what I’ve come to realize in my struggles, in my pursuit of endless needless suffering, perpetuating through nonstop seeking through continuous desire, self- grasping, desire-bound awareness or a lack of awareness, that is. . . through that I’ve realized the hard way that we. . . the only hell that there is the one that we make and that is so true. We would, if we were really honest with ourselves, admit that that we can, in moments where we fail to realize the unitive oneness, the absolute continuity of truth, the absolute revelation of peace of the absolute, an undefiled moment of glory. When we’re not in that, when we have given into Maya or illusion or delusion, where the basic cacamaniac ideas of relativity. . . We get caught in a web of self-confusion. When we’re in that confusion, when we’re in that state and then we can’t get out of that state, it’s. . . it’s a horrid feeling. It’s like what Bible believers like to talk about, about the gnashing of teeth.

Evolution of Grace

That’s what ungraceful situations are. They are when you in your own hell, when you were in your own self-convoluted self-created macabre, some fictitious idea about who you think you are. Usually the spectrum of suffering, the entire spectrum of suffering has much to do, much to do with not our state of consciousness, so to speak, not just our state of consciousness, but more so, more so. . . our failure to connect with hope. . . hope that endures all things. I’m speaking from a deep place of realization and I’ve had some many, many realizations

as of late in my own life that I’d like to share and I liked to draw on because I think that it’s a necessary thing to be humbled and to realize that grace doesn’t always come about through striving. Grace is a gift. I’m not going to give the textbook definition of grace. Grace simply is you at your best. That doesn’t mean you with a straight a 4.0 average in college, cum laude, magna cum laude, whatever you want to call it, whatever situation. The promotion, the vice president position of a corporation, the CEO, becoming the CEO, the heralded CEO. It’s none of those things. It’s nothing that you can do. There’s nothing you can do to attain grace. It’s a free gift. And I’m not speaking of just Christian grace, I’m speaking of grace, universal grace. That grace that penetrates the deepest aspect of who we are. Grace that is free.

The song at the beginning of the show speaks about being “free”. What does it mean to be free? Well, we are literally caught in what I was singing about in the song in masks of legion, “the many”. . .let’s forget about typical talks about possession and the typical understandings of paranormal. Even for just for a few minutes, and let’s just talk about “life”.

What is life? Is it a burden? Or is it to you, something to be lived? I ask this because we’ve all been “there”. We’ve all been to the pits. . . into the bowels of matterward hell, so to speak. And it’s not pleasant to be down where the subterranean dwells. We tend to live in our lower Chakras – Chakras are energy centers, vortices, that consciousness flows in and out of, life force flows in and out of. And we tend to live. . . just not that there’s anything wrong with the lower Chakras, there’s absolutely everything right about the Chakras in living in balance and harmony in the lower triangle as it’s called in Kundalini Yoga. . . Now, that would be the Root Chakra, also the Swadisthana Chakra, the Root Chakra being the Muladhara Chakra, the sacral Chakra being Swadisthana Chakra, and the Manipura Chakra being the Navel Chakra. And you can debate all you want about where the placements are – at the navel or where the solar plexus is. That Chakra – where you want to place it, that’s up to you. We’re not here to discuss Chakras tonight.

Evolution of Grace

I want to talk about how to maintain dignity and integrity, and peace and grace when everything seems to be going wrong. Can you, with five screaming kids clawing and grabbing at you, clawing and ripping for your feet. . . they are tearing at you, spitting at you, biting at you, hitting you, can you, when you are being mauled by a household of animals and want to be fed and they want to and want there needs to be met right then there, on spot and you’re tired and you’ve spent your whole day working or planning or creating or manifesting or living a simply trying to survive the day. . . can you maintain grace? Folks, making the most out of terrible situation is nothing more than simply allowing the energy, the life force that is within us, that manifests

within us, that dwells within us to rise, to go from a downward spiral to an upward pull. And what does this well, there’s meditation that can raise consciousness, raising awareness that can raise the sense of self-worth, that can raise you up out of misery and continued striving and self-grasping.

In gnosticism, we speak at the demiurge. What is that? It’s another concept for another time. It depends on what kind of gnosticism you’re talking about, first of all, it’s not a lesson than a gnosticism tonight either, but the demiurge or the archontic powers that rule us. That seem to grab us. The emotional states of unhappiness, of all the things that we’ve been talking about from self-grasping, that stem from self grasping, from continuous striving, continuous craving. . . I think we know a thing or two about craving and habit and fixation and addiction, but do we know anything about freedom?

Do we know anything about being totally free? Totally honest? Totally pure? Totally ready? Totally available? Totally here? Totally now? Do we know a thing about it?

Evolution of Grace

Can you make doing the dishes a living meditation? Can you make changing the baby’s diaper that has exploded all over the place, a meditation? Can you clean up the vomit on the floor and make that a meditation, the vomit from an animal that’s very sick? Or can you change an adult’s diaper? Someone who can’t do that for themselves . . . can you make that a living meditation? These are moments where we can actively seek – not seek. That’s a terrible word to use. “Seek”. And “strive”. Anything like that. I’m trying to get away from that. . . If you can allow, if you can allow moments that seem ungraceful to manifest as light transmissions, moments of Eureka, moments of euphoria, moments of bliss. Then you are enlightened. . . or you are on the road to enlightenment. . .

But I think like I was saying earlier, the minute you say that you’re enlightened, the minute you say that you’re there. The minute you say you’re God Realized, the minute you say that you’re set for life, the minute you say that you’ve reached Samadhi or oneness or self- realization as I already said, or the minute you say, I am full of grace, that I am saved. The minute you say, I am there, I’ve reached it. . . You become unteachable. Now I’m speaking from experience here. Folks, from experience. I’ve had awakening moments, the moments of pure joy and utter bliss that comes from the heavens. They don’t happen here on earth when we are in the ego. Now some yogis will say, some Yogis can say that you can be in nirvakalpa Samadhi, which is the state of permanent oneness with God. You can be in that state and still be alive and in the body. It’s not that I disagree with that, but I’ve come to realize that you, when you, like speaking in terms of what I know about what I teach, what I share with the world, Kundalini Yoga, I want to work with the Kundalini energy. Why one day are you able to raise it up and be in a position of seeming glory in the

position of seeming unalterable, not needing to alter this sensation of bliss that has become of you? And I give props, I give such tremendous gratitude to those master teachers, those teachers who, the sages of the ages, who have inspired me and been able to allow me to see that there is a way to live in an elevated state in a super conscious state. When I say superconscious, I mean more aware than aware.

Evolution of Grace

I’m not working with a script here. I hardly ever do that. Why is that? I think that the spirit flows where it must in does and wishes to. And it just does its thing and the words will be on your lips when it’s necessary . . . But talking about the state of permanent oneness, I think it’s possible, but I think the moment you realize you’re there, there’s no realization of not being there. Meaning, I mean there’s everything is in an unadultered state, pure potential. Everything is in its actuality, undefiled. Full of light.

You don’t need to do anything to anything or anyone. You don’t need to change a thing. You accept. You totally allow reality to be as it is. But most of us, myself included, we fall into Maya, into delusion, into illusion. We fall into the web of relativity. Relativity, where the circuitry that we connect to in our brains and in our hardware and in the supercomputers that we are. . .I say comparison. That’s one of the the agendas of the ego. Ah, there’s that word. “Ego”. What can we do about the ego? Well, first of all, you have to – I have learned that you need to have an ego in order to transcend the ego. And you need to learn what disgrace is. Or you need to know, and you need to have experiences of being in ungraceful situations in order to know what true grace is. When I speak of grace, I speak of all those elevated states of awareness. Moments of peak consciousness, moments of higher consciousness. They mean nothing. They mean nothing. They don’t mean a damn thing, a damn thing unless you can love. That’s as real as it gets. You can be this. You can be that. You can have this, you can have that. You can be the million dollar athlete, star celebrity. . . But, if you don’t ‘allow’, if you don’t allow things to be simply as they are without needing to change things, without needing to manipulate things, without needing to doctor anything or alter anything. . . Until you’re able to experience that love, that peace, that allowance. You are not free!

Evolution of Grace

My friends, you are not free. And I speak and I include myself in this because we’re all messed up in it. We’re all taken down by this. We all get defeated. It’s what you do the moment after the moment you realize what I’ve been doing all these years, all these days, weeks, months, doesn’t work anymore, it’s when you hit rock bottom, which we’ve talked about in past episodes, it’s when you had gone to your, gotten to your worst, that you realize you are able to realize that you cannot script as was said by a sage, that I have been influenced by my life . . . “You cannot script your own salvation,” so to speak. People say you can manifest. People say, you can visualize, you can

bring about, you can attract things. “The Secret”, all of that. That’s true. We bring about situations in our life. We attract things magnetically. We’re like a magnetic force field. We bring things into our field of awareness, field of perception or we bring things into into our realm and we co- create our experiences. That is true.

The wise know not to speak or don’t need to speak. . . the wise, the wisest don’t need to speak about their peak experiences in a bragging fashion. They don’t need to put out the trophies. their Oscars. They don’t need to show off in front of their peers. They don’t need to be the top dog all the time. . . Unless you have been in moments, where things are falling apart. I don’t think you can truly appreciate some of the greatest things life has to offer. I think it’s just a facade and I think everything is just surface until you have experienced the depths of your own suffering. I’m not saying suffering is a prerequisite for enlightenment or anything like that. You can have magical, mystical experiences I’ve had them – so what! So what!! I’ve had to say to myself, “get over yourself!” What does that mean? To get over yourself means to rise above, but means to transcend the self- concocted ideas about who you think you are. We subject ourselves some of the most experiences life has to offer. We get caught up in emotionality. We get caught up. You hear us say, you hear people say, ‘I was just so caught up in the moment’. There’s a difference between being caught up in the moment, being entangled or being ensnared in your own web of self-confusion and delusion. . . being in the moment, being caught up in the moment suggests that there’s something altered in your awareness. There’s something profane about it, something slanted, something bent, something contorted, something distorted about it.

Evolution of Grace

You know I don’t have the answer, but if you can accept reality as I’ve tried to say in previous shows, for what it is, right now, no matter what it is, you can accept reality. Accept yourself. You’re on the road. You are on the path of transformation. You’ve had a breakthrough. You haven’t had your breakthrough moment. And that’s what the show was about. The show is about encouraging you to have a breakthrough, to have that breakthrough experience, and then to transform your life thereafter because of inspiration. Hopefully, you receive consolation. . .

So, what is your best defense against experiencing the worst side of our nature? The horrid, the futile? . . . I think it has a little bit to do with getting a grip, having a handle on the human experience, learning to be present. Always present. So what I want to say then, I think in conclusion, is every moment you’ve wanted to give up on yourself, when you wanted to throw in the towel, when you wanted to say, I just can’t take it anymore. How much more of this can I take? Why me? Poor me. Self- pitying. It gets you nowhere. The question we’re supposed to ask in situations of dire need, in situations where things seem to be ungraceful – the question is not why, but what? What

can arise? What am I supposed to learn? What am I supposed to see? Not why, but what? So, I end with this prayer:

Transcendent God. You lead us down ways of the unknown. And into the unknown we go. It’s faith. Sometimes it’s deep, sometimes it’s dark. Sometimes it’s scary. But, when we cling to your dark cloak, in the darkness. . . We will rise to see the light. On the day. And in that moment, of realization, that I am forever one with you. In peace and tranquility, in perfect wholeness. Good night, and thank you for joining me once again. You’ve been very faithful, very, very, very generous.

Just one final thought to leave you with. Please check out my website, That’s b, r, y, a, n, r, i, c, e, dot org where you can find information on how to buy and how to get your hands on some music that has encompassed my journey. That has been a reflection of my journey as well as meditations and affirmations set to music that have an uplifting power. May the divine bless you, uplift you, and keep you. Aum. Shanti. Peace. Amen.

Announcer: You have been listening to Turning Points and Transformations with Bryan Rice. We hope you have enjoyed your program today. Let us help build the new humanity and seek to become one with the Divine Presence of all there is.


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Choose Peace

A Discourse 

 In this season of light remember to choose peace!

Bryan Rice

Choose Peace

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Choose Peace

Introduction: You are listening to Turning Points and Transformations with your host Bryan Rice. Will today be the day that you have your breakthrough in consciousness? It is time to be uplifted!

Bryan: Welcome. I’m your host Bryan Rice. Coming to you on a very mild winter day, second day of winter here in the year 2015, just a couple of weeks before the New Year begins. Today’s episode is called Choose Peace. If we’re going to talk about peace, we need to know what it means in order to understand it. We need to define it as well. The dictionary describes peace as inner contentment, undisturbed, calm, serenity, and free from strife.

Bryan: So basically if a person is peaceful, they’re calm, contented, happy, and relaxed. Well, that sounds easy. No, not so easy. It’s a state to be hallowed, a state that we all seek. It’s what we really want in life. It’s what we want in eternity. It’s what we want out of eternity, which is what we want in having connection with eternity here and now. We want forever to be restful and calm and still and serene. And with peace comes joy – and joy is another topic, but peace is of a very high calibration, a high frequency. If you ever studied the map of the scale of consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins, it was calibrated by him through kinesiology. You would see that peace ranks very high above 500 on a scale from a log rhythmic scale from zero to 1,000, and then that’s exponentially multiplied by a numeric number, which I can’t remember at this time. It’s two days before the celebration of Christmas and I chose this topic because in the past, I’ve talked about embracing contentment during this time of the year and I think contentment is related to peace, very much related to peace.

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Choose Peace

Bryan: They’re intertwined. I have a quote for you. “Can you imagine what it means to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time? Yet, that is what time is for, to learn just that and nothing more.” That’s from A Course in Miracles in chapter 15, section one of the text. Now, what do we want when we say we want something for Christmas? We want contentment and we want peace. We want to be undisturbed. We want the serenity, and we want the joy that comes with peace. We put up Christmas trees. We decorate houses with lights. It’s a time for light, a celebration of the presence of light being born into the world. The original Christmas story was about light coming into the world at a very dark time in history. And it is amazing, that we can say that we have many, many enlightened souls who have come to this earth and have helped birth light, peace, and love. When the Christ child was born, there was peace on earth and so we sing about it in spiritual hymns of many different persuasions. Why was there peace? Because there was hope. Hope for a better way, a better way to live, a better way to see a better way to act, a better way to believe, a better way to understand, a better way to relate.

Bryan: God knew change would come. Did people know that this simple child came from the heavenly realm where we all came from as well? Our souls are there before we were ever born into this world. There are different aspects of the heavenly realms. There’s an astral, and there’s a causal heaven too. These topics are explored in yogic philosophy, yoga cosmology and things like that. However, what we’re really after today is the topic of peace. Not so much a Christmas story, but the idea of sharing peace now and here, in this moment in this show is because it’s so desperately needed in our world today as it was over 2000 years ago, and we have other avatars who have brought peace into the world such as Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lao Tzu, one of my favorite masters, Paramahansa Yogananda who lived in the 19th and 20th centuries. Yogananda was a Hindu, but he was very much in tune with the Christ and when we say Christ, we’re not talking about the last name of the person called Jesus or Jeshua. We’re talking about “presence.” So being able to be at peace really is being able to unite with light…

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Choose Peace

Bryan: …Or unite the dark with the light, and that’s something that the whole life of Jeshua was about uniting what was once divided during creation and whatever creation myth you subscribe to, many of them talk about light coming in to existence, light emanating from an eternal source – and that light, that light, at least in the Judeo- Christian tradition was said to have been separated from the dark, but we need to put the two together and be able to hold them in tension, in a paradox. Two apparent opposites colliding. How do we hold them in tension? How do we hold them in balance? We have a higher self and we have a shadow self. We have a true self and we have an ego. The goal is to not destroy the ego, but to transcend it. You have to have an ego. You need to build an ego in childhood in order to transcend it later in life. So texts such as a Course in Miracles help you undo the ego and unravel that process – that maniacal energy. . .

Bryan: That separative nature, that rebellious nature within us, we need to undo it and we can’t really undo something until we’ve done it, and that means done it wrong. So getting back to peace and light and dark and uniting them. We have daytime, we have the sun, we have the moon here on earth anyways, and we have solar energy and we have lunar energy and we have those energies within us.

Bryan: Yin and Yang, feminine, masculine, negative, positive – and don’t get caught up on that word. Negative, that is. Negative just means a charge of energy like in electricity or magnetism. For more about the topic of magnetism and how it relates to divinity, you might want to listen to the archived episode, “Divinity and Magnetism” that I did a few years back.

Bryan: What do we have to do to attain peace? Is it an effortful process or is something that comes without effort? When I was talking about the ego and the true self and the shadow and the Higher Self, I

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Choose Peace

was talking about again, the apparent opposites and again, I wasn’t trying to infer that undoing the ego is necessarily an effort. It’s more of a letting go. A releasement. A process of saying goodbye to what is no longer needed. What no longer serves you. What no longer has a purpose, so what I’m saying is it’s not about trying harder or doing more. We have to do things in this life. We have to act. We’re called to serve. We’re called to bring peace to other people. That involves doing so. There is some effort, but attaining peace within oneself is, like I said before, a releasement process, letting go of sense cravings of things that were attached to. Naming and then letting go of compulsive thinking, repetitive thinking, thinking that might seem to overtake you at times or steal your peace. Nothing can steal your peace, not anxiety, not worries, not any of it.

Bryan: Divine Presence, the “Real Presence” of Divinity, it’s right there to be merged with, to be one with. You don’t have to do anything to get that presence. You don’t have to do anything to be given the gift of peace because by your nature, your inherent inborn, divine, inborn nature, you are peace. We tend to suffer because we become preoccupied with thought. Eckhart Tolle is a master at talking about this and unraveling the ego in the way A Course in Miracles speaks of past thoughts as being a hangup of the ego.

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Choose Peace

Bryan: The ego doesn’t want us to be at peace. The ego loves to attack. It loves conflict and strife. Division. Dividing. Doesn’t that sound like what it means to be diabolical, to divide, to separate? Why do we have an ego? Well, I’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist or therapist, but as a spiritual teacher, I can tell you that the ego is your biggest enemy and I think you already know that because when you’re not at peace, it’s the ego raising its red flag or waving a flag. It’s “confederate” flag, a cessation that it is trying to withdraw from you or from your true self. It wants to be separate. It wants to be by itself. It wants to run the show. It’s so important to be peace because the world needs it and we’re all called to be messiahs and we’re all called to be saviors and we’re all called to break barriers. No one person is more special than another. We are all in this together We’ve been made unique, dreamed unique, emanated unique, whatever you want to say, how we exist, how we became what we are, but we are here to be peace makers. We have one shared identity.

Bryan: So again, let’s choose peace.

The experience of God’s peace begins with the recognition that everything we see in this world. Separate forms or identities are hallucinations coming from the split mind, a mind that thinks that is separate from God or Universal Love. So if we choose to identify with the ego mind, we both think that the images of separation, the unique and different forms we see in this world are real. We think that this whole world of separate identities is all there is.

Bryan: Part of that was from a quote from a course called “Remembering to Choose Peace” by Pathways of Light Ministries. Why do we resist peace? Because you know, basically we want excitement. We want flair, we want entertainment, we want to be satisfied. We want cravings not just of the body, but of the mind. To be satisfied. We have urges, we have needs that we want them to have met, things that we think are needs, not just our basic essentials, but things we think we need to be happy. Attachment is at the root of the problem. Attachment itself is a root cause of dissatisfaction or lack of contentment.

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Choose Peace

Bryan: So again, yes, I’m revisiting a past show, ‘Embracing Contentment’, which I mentioned earlier. If we could all see that we’re one, if we could all see that we were made to be one and to support one another, and that is part of this dream, that we are the emanations of Divinity. Playing out roles on this stage of life. We’re here to know that Presence and knowing that Presence will bring you peace. POWER. Yogananda, in his translation of the Bhagavad Gita, God Talks with Arjuna he talks about God having created and dreamed the world and had an aspect of God’s Self place us under delusion, that is cosmic hypnosis called “maya” and having done so for the purpose of having opposites. So that in itself takes things such as good and evil and makes them not the fault of man. What if that were true? I’m not saying that it is. I don’t know if I believe it totally (The following is what I said in 2015). Would it make sense If we were supposed to unite the opposites in order to attain peace? There had to have been opposites in the first place in for there to be creation at all. For there to have been day and night. For there to have been light and dark. They had to be separated.

Bryan: Creation in this context really, I should say rather, manifestation of the dream state, that dream that we are in, the dream of separation where we rejected God primarily manifested a world that appears to be real but isn’t and are here hiding from God. So when I say creation, what I really mean is manifestation of the dream because true creation was when we were begotten in the heavenly state, as His children of God hot and cold isn’t just a phenomenon of nature. It’s a byproduct of creation, of the dream that we are in, in playing out – and when I say hot and cold, I mean climates, and if we are under the spell of “delusion” or “maya”, this dance that we need to awaken from, to become liberated from, to become awakened from, for the purpose of being in Divine Romance, a Divine Romance of a loving, quite erotic relationship with Divinity. In a spiritual way, of course. If we’re in the business of waking up, becoming more in light, then we had to be asleep in some way.

Bryan: Let’s not point the fingers at two people and say it was their fault that we’re asleep and carrying this so called thing. Such as original sin. No, we’re not. We were born in original blessing because we truly are at the core of our being innocent. We couldn’t have

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Choose Peace

sinned because this dream that we’re in is not real. According to the teachings of A Course in Miracles and what I now believe as I’m looking back, two years later after having first recorded this. Now the Bible speaks of Adam as having been put to sleep by God before the creation of Eve. While A Course in Miracles has something to say about Adam being asleep – that the Bible never says that Adam woke up. So if a deep sleep did fall upon Adam or primal man, the first – not the first created, but manifested. Being in this dream that appears to be real, that isn’t – Well, what I want to say too is that we projected onto God, whoever wrote that Bible projected unto God the act of having fallen asleep, blamed God for that . . . and we were never male and female, not having gender in our true state, not now, not ever.

Bryan: There is no gender because we are one with God and God is beyond gender. So again, there are no opposites and differences because really in reality we’re all the same. We’re all one. We come from the same source – God, that brings you peace. Let that bring you solace and contentment. God is the true Source from which we never left. We are still in His, in Her embrace, even though there is no His and Her, even though when we speak of a Father, a Father God or a Mother God – those are just symbols. We need to transcend symbols. Going back to the idea of having been put to sleep here in this dream world that we are making right now that we made long ago, the collective ego made long ago, we did this creation again for God by God was the formless state that we exist in now and never left. We are in peace right now. We never lost peace, but we only appeared to be in this nightmare, dream… or a dream having nightmares. The goal is to wake up. How do we wake up?

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Choose Peace

Bryan: Well, God gives us a voice and advocate the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, that Presence that was placed within us. The moment we did try to separate but really didn’t, and if you study A Course in Miracles, you know much about that or you’ve heard much about that and I now being a serious student of the course for now 15 years here in 2017. Even though I first recorded this in 2015. I originally, as you’ll hear me, in a couple minutes or a couple of seconds after this, blame God for the whole thing that God dreamed it because this was teachings that I followed then. Paramahansa Yogananda, somebody of which – the man which, the Avatar to which I took discipleship vows…

Bryan: We are essence. The Holy Spirit was given to us. The atonement as it’s understood in A Course in Miracles is the correction for that primal error, that first original error where we tried to usurp the power of God and create a world where we could hide from God, where we could be separate from God, where we could be individuals, where we could be bodies, where we could have sensual desires met. We took what was given to us in our creation by God in the heavenly state, which is desire, fiery desire energy. And we took it in. Exploited it. So here we are seeming to suffer, seeming to be separate, seeming to be either

depressed, anxious in despair, in lack, loneliness, cut off. But we never were. But again, we have that Holy Spirit Presence or God’s Presence within us, the Universal Inspiration, the voice for God telling us that we are innocent, that we never did a darn thing to really separate ourselves off from God. We just are experiencing what seems to be duality even though what in reality is or what reality is, is nonduality, ONE. We are one with our source that should bring us peace, but accepting that, knowing that Being. We are told that those are all different things and we’re at various aspects (stages) of the journey towards awakening, so we may or may not embrace such an idea or ideas that we are one with God and never could have been separate. So again, I’ll show you here in a minute or two, maybe even seconds after this. I blamed God for the creation of delusion, saying that we have this problem of being under a spell of hypnosis, but that’s what we do. We blame God for our suffering, for our guilt that we carry around with us. We carry a tremendous amount of unconscious guilt over rejecting God even though in reality it never occurred, again.

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Choose Peace

Bryan: Those are teachings of A Course in Miracles which I find great peace in, great solace and serenity in because it seems to explain the entire situation better than anything I’ve come across in spirituality. So now I’ll get you into some of the words that came out of my mouth two years ago around Christmas. It’s Christmas in a few days here in 2017. I’m just correcting perception using what’s called a miracle. A change in my perception about how we came to be, how this world came to be, what we are, who we are, who we think we are, why we’re here or seemed to be here versus where we really are, which is being in the place we never left. So I’ll momentarily return to the previous recording from Choose Peace. So take a listen for a second here. It’s kind of cruel what I put out there, even though I try to make sense of it and make it sound sensible.

Bryan: (2015) God’s the one that set up the traps and the snares to snare us, but to entertain the possibility that creation, in itself as it unfolded as good and evil God, that transcendent being dreamed it would once again come back and evolve back to its source.

Bryan: Think of a very strong presence of light. Emanating out from that light are rays, and as the rays go on and outward, they become more and more dense. Our physical bodies are dense, but we are not in our entirety physical bodies and that in itself when we think that is true, when we think that we are only physical bodies, that in itself brings lack of contentment. So we had to be asleep in order to awake.

Bryan: (2017) Or did we? I’m now asking this two years later. In Christian Gnosticism, that of which I was just speaking about back in December 2015, about emanations of light being experienced in gradations becoming more and more dense, or less and less transparent as it gets further out from the source or the center of God or from the Fullness known as in Gnosticism, the Pleroma, the Fullness of God.

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Choose Peace

So there is some basis of understanding in the sense of cosmology or the nature of being, ontology, that there are these gradations and while we’re in bodies or appear to be in bodies, we’re experiencing density, inertia, or what’s known as in the Bhagavad Gita, teaching – tamas, the quality of tamas. A guna, which we’re not going to go into one of three. What are we? We are light. We are the same light that was birthed in Jeshua as a baby. It manifested all throughout his life on earth. . . is witnessed by many through actions. Your decisions through miracles, through wonder working through healing. Peace came into the world and for a time resided in a body. Yes, Jeshua, wasn’t sent here to be put asleep only to awaken as I was trying to argue a few years ago, nor were any of us. We actually chose to be here. So did Jeshua. Jeshua chose to be here. Whether or not God, the Father, God the Mother said to Jeshua, Hey, got a mission for you. Are you going to do this? Go down to this place that appears to be called Earth. Enter the cosmos. . . space and time. Show the path to awakening. Awaken others. That’s why he was here, was to awaken others that should bring you peace too. He was one of the first to awaken, but not the only one ever to awaken and that should bring you peace too. I’m giving you permission to believe that

He wasn’t sent here to save us from sin (rather that we are sinless and only makes mistakes to be corrected through miracles or changes in perception). He was sent or he chose to be here, one of the two

Maybe both, but I don’t know. To show us an alternative. To show us a path. To give us hope

To give us wisdom. To show us the way back to the Father, back to the Mother

And he had to go through his life integrating the light presence, that of which we are from which we came. That of which we always will be is light. Light, essence, light presence. We came from what Tau Malachi in the Sophian Gnostic tradition, calls the ‘light continuum.’

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Choose Peace

Bryan: So we have a body of light of which we really are, which comes from formlessness, which is in reality one and not unique, not separate, not different from anyone else. Well, there is no one, no one. There’s only one. So there isn’t anyone. There’s just one. So we have an awakener. That is worth so much. That is something to be grateful for. We have a teacher. We have somebody who woke up from the world, from the dream, and dares through works such as A Course in Miracles speaking to us, showing us how to do the same thing. I want you to take a listen again because again, I blamed God for the whole mishap, the apparent mishap of creation, suffering, opposites, duality, individuality, multiplicity, relativity, subjectivity, and then I go on to talking in other terms about union and about some of my experiences that I had of unitive experience. So as you listen to the rest of the program, just bear in mind that I do not believe that God created this world. A split in the Sonship, that primal Christ Mind – just for a split second where we forgot to laugh. It was in a split second that the separation seemed to happen and here we are. . . but listen as I blamed God again, but know that I don’t believe that now. And then listen to the way the rest of the program unfolds and I

hope you enjoy it, and again, that’s despite blaming duality on God.

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Choose Peace

Bryan: (2015) I’m telling you, I believe that God did it. All so, God could know One’s Self. Her Self. His Self. Itself. The Bible, which I don’t like to quote from very often talks about when, Adam and Eve or other people, other men and women rather, knew each other. They’re referring to union… so union is the goal of our life in love. Anything that is outside of union is not peace. It’s a searching. It’s a clinging and grasping. We’re trying to reach something that we feel we don’t have yet. If there’s all this striving in, there’s these desires to acquire and to attain and something that we feel is outside of ourself, we’re never going to find it. I had to realize through some earlier mystical experiences that the Presence was not without me or outside of me. It was within me. It took a while to realize, that. I had to recognize Real Presence or Divinity, Divine Presence outside myself, and actually what was happening in the process was I was recognizing Presence out there because it was already in me. It was awakened in me and it was during a very powerful awakening experience for me. It had nothing to do with religion even though I used religion to get through it and to try to find peace and try to find meaning and try to explain all of what happened, but really what I came to know was love.

Bryan: And I don’t think you can have love, unconditional love without peace, peace within yourself, peace within the deepest recesses of your being. How could you? Otherwise there are conditions placed upon it. There’s rules associated with it and it comes with strings attached. If Union is what we want and peace is what we really, truly want inherently, why do we resist it so much? Is it out of fear? Is it guilt? Yeah, it’s a little of both. Those things get in the way. They’re huge obstacles that we need to overcome. Guilt can serve a purpose at some times, but it can become very neurotic. I remember hearing Thomas Keating, a Cistercian monk, one say that any guilt that lasts more than 15 seconds is neurotic. I’m going to quote from that course, “Remembering to Choose Peace” (from Pathways of Light) again:

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Choose Peace

When we realize the incredible benefits that remembering to choose peace brings us, including dissolving of our false values and things such as scarcity, sickness and limitation. It seems surprising that we would want to drag our feet or resist accepting the experience of inner peace, the experience of allowing in the wisdom, abundance, awareness and healing power of our one true self. In order to let go of this resistance, it is important to understand the underlying unconscious desire to keep the thought system of the ego that is the real source of this resistance.

Bryan: We cherish the ego. We make the ego our God. We think it’s all there is. It’s only one voice of the two voices that we can hear and yes, there are many voices our own imagined ones as well, but most of

them come from the ego and the ego will probably speak first, but the voice, if you want to say, of the God Presence or of Universal Inspiration, or if you want to use the words Holy Spirit or of Inner Reality, True Self that comes as the still small voice…it comes in the form of a still small voice. Again, Presence is not a forceful thing. Presence is power, and when I say power, I don’t mean power over… even though Divinity exists or we exist because of Divinity…Power. Think of it as more of a source. The source is like the sun… it gives us light, it gives us health. It allows us to live our lives. It gives us nutrients, gives the earth nutrients, so therefore it is a source of sustenance, something we can sustain – that allows us to be sustained. I want to quote again: “Resistance to peace is just wanting to keep what we have made for ourselves alone.” And it goes on further to say that: “The ego is just the false idea of being separate from the ‘All’” – that all that I’m talking about is Divine Presence. We breathe it, we breathe this life force. It’s Prana, it’s chi. That sustains us up above. I quoted things such as scarcity, sickness and limitation. Scarcity really means that we think we don’t have enough and if we think only out of the mindset that we don’t have enough, then we go seeking for more

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Choose Peace

And I just want to jump back for a second because I had mentioned there are two thought systems and again there’s the ego and then there’s the Divine Presence

Divine Presence is a much more inclusive way of looking at it.

Bryan: If you say Holy Spirit, you’re alienating other people that may not associate with that word, but it’s that and it’s more. It’s the conscience that was born within us. It’s the moral virtues of right versus wrong. We’re born with the ability to learn that, but our soul, not our minds, our soul knows what is right. Our soul knows what will bring us peace. Our soul knows that peace cannot be found outside of us. That peace cannot be found through attacking other people verbally, physically, emotionally. Sickness is – was mentioned earlier just a couple minutes ago. Sickness is actually defined in A Course in Miracles as being anger… Sickness is anger taken out on the body so that it will feel pain. So if we are holding a lot of anger, we’re going to experience sickness. Is it possible to be sick? Have a sickness or an illness or to be suffering and to be at peace? I think it is. It’s not impossible because you can come to terms with an illness. One of my mentors in the past, she lost her battle to cancer. She was middle aged, a grandmother, a mother, but he had so much more to live for and I’m thankful for the time that I had with her and I’m sure that so many of the people’s whose whose lives she did touch are thankful as well.

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Choose Peace

Bryan: I got to see some of her journey, not physically, not in the capacity of being with her, but in things that she would write and post on social media, and I think though she wrestled with her sickness. She did come to terms with it. I think she made her peace. I don’t know exactly how, but when the time came for her to make her

transition, she left the body behind. I’m sure there was great liberation felt in leaving the body. Now, I don’t want to mistake, make a mistaken point… of saying that we can’t feel peace…true peace until we leave the body. That’s not – not necessarily true because we were made to know that Presence of God, that Divine Presence and it comes through that release meant through that letting go and we can have what we already had from the beginning. When we see that all these toys, all these acquisitions, all the things we surround ourselves with, and the distractions – they really don’t matter, and during this season of giving, of being a beacon of light, the celebration of a guide coming into the world, we can be peace for others and we can be peacemakers, but in order to be any of those things, we need to be at peace ourselves

So what we really need to come to grips with as far as wrestling with what’s known as desire. Desire is a gift. Desire to know the infinite is a gift. Desire to love is a gift. Desire to be a in a relationship with another person is a gift, but desire and striving, and self grasping, and clinging. They can stand in the way through – they’re like brick walls we build around ourselves and try to separate ourselves from that presence that is always there. That is always radiating outwards and yes, the Kingdom of Heaven so to speak, is within. But if we’re going to bring that reality, that truth to Earth and be peacemakers, we can’t be building walls. We need to be building bridges.

Bryan: Let’s be uplifted by the thought that God is the only power that has the ability to take away, always have those things we surround ourselves with or consume ourselves with, to deplete ourselves so that we are in a state of lack of contentment. When we are all about being separate from oneness, oneness or divinity or Divine Presence, we’re in the ego.

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Choose Peace

Bryan: We resist peace. When we take things, try to take a little bit away from that whole, that wholeness, that “Allness”, that “Isness”, and try to keep it for ourself alone. “Oh, I had a religious experience, so I’m going to therefore go in a corner. I’m going to go in a cave and I’m going to stay there.” Well, it doesn’t mean that going into a cave and meditating and becoming a recluse is a bad thing. But because these people, often these Yogis, these saints, these mystics who go and have these experiences, of conversion, so to speak, and I don’t mean conversion to a religion or to a faith or something like that. I mean of a metamorphosis of the entire self. When they have this, they then usually you do usually have to retreat from the world, but what I’m getting at is, going off by yourself, doesn’t mean that you will not give back in some way. . .but going off by yourself into a cave. Keeping an experience of Divinity for yourself is a temptation. If you go and you pray for the world and send out healing energy to the world, you’re doing the Divine Will. You’re doing what is in your nature, in your inborn nature, your divine inborn nature. You’re doing what you were meant to, which you were created to do, which is to love. And when we raise our energy or

our frequencies or are magnetism, so to speak, through these experiences, we may have of deep peace and love, enjoy and ineffable bliss. We radiate that out from our being. So by choosing peace, we are giving peace just by being peace and just bad being identified with peace in the first place. Have you ever been around a holy person? I don’t mean a religious person. It could be a religious person. I just mean a holy person, a person. Why did we say that They’re holy in the first place? They’re whole. They’re complete, they feel complete. Maybe they feel more complete than they do fragmented, but we we sense their “presence”. We sense there is something about them that we are entranced by, that we are drawn to. We want to surround ourselves with these people that make us feel calm, undisturbed, contented, still and present… because they radiate with Divine Presence.

Divinity is the idea of “All” sharing, All of Itself with all or having all. I’m quoting again, from the course is “Remembering to Choose Peace” by Pathways of Light:

All giving or extending All of itself, which is the thought of love to all. This is what love or God is the idea of oneness. The total sharing of all love with all this is also what A Course in Miracles defines as holiness.

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Choose Peace

So I brought up holiness before I even looked to quote and it kind of fits with what we’re talking about. We’re living in a dream. We need to awaken. We’re called to awaken and Divinity rejoices when we do because Divinity is knowing itself as the “All”. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

Bryan: So choose peace to be peace, to give peace, to see peace in the world. There’s so much ugliness, especially, even during this time of the year. The commercial aspect of it, and I guess, human beings had to invent a mythical creation, a mythical person such as Santa Clause to be a exemplary of, you know, great enlightened person, a great enlightened person. However, this myth that we made you came to be based on a children having to be good or bad in order to get what they wanted. We can get what we want, what we truly want from Divinity by surrendering. And that simply means letting go, again, like I said earlier, giving oneself over, dis-identifying with all the things, “things” that we think matter that really don’t. Everything is energy. Matter is energy. Matter in creation is thought and energy. So our bodies are constantly being created moment by moment, by moment, through thought, intention will, and through energy. So being in union or being one with or being consciously one with the source that emanated us all can create a pattern in you that may be able to be more prone to being free from things such as sickness, such as anxiety, such as disturbances that might – anything that might rob you of or cause you to think that you’re being robbed of peace. And again, getting back to a person having a certain aura about them is because

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Choose Peace

they have an energy. There’s an energy there, there is a soul there. The soul is not just energy. It’s essence, its beingness, true beings, true “Isness”. True “Allness” is peace. It always has been. Everything else is just a mirage in the desert that we construct. When we write our own scripts and we think we’re running the show. . .we are not, we are not in peace.

Bryan: Do not be afraid of what you are. Do not be afraid of who you are. You are a god like being. You are created to be god likeness. You’re not the God, but you are created in God’s likeness. Judeo- Christian scripture says, let’s make man and woman in our image and when God is saying are, it’s a Father presence with a Mother presence saying let’s make them male and female, but also in our likeness is the God likeness, the God self aspect that is meant to be realized through our lives, through actions, through love, through perseverance, and through the process of waking up.{I might add that A Course in Miracles teaches that our shared identity in the collective Sonship as the one Son of God, we are beyond gender} Every time we let go of some sort of baggage, every time we let go of some sort of hurt, every time we let go of some some source of unforgiveness, we are getting closer and closer to true peace. Grievances will destroy you. . . Forgive, give somebody else the chance to have peace who you may be harboring attack thoughts towards. They might not accept your apology if you choose to apologize to them in, in person, to person, in a person to person situation, but know that you’re releasing them from the burden of your unforgiveness, the chains of unforgiveness. So there’s lots of ways to become what we already are or to be, or to have that presence of peace revealed to us

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Choose Peace

And we’ve talked about it in many ways, many facets

We’ve talked around this subject for a good amount, a good amount of time. Today

What I want you to take with you is the knowingness . . . again, that you don’t have to do anything

The victory of peace is already within you.

Bryan: It’s gonna feel like an effort, but it’s not an effortful trying. It’s not a forceful action based thing to let go, yet it’s going to hurt and the only reason we hurt is because the ego likes to feel pain and wants us in – wants the body and the mind to feel pain because the ego thinks it’s in charge. So don’t let anything get in the way and don’t let anything stand in the way. Don’t create obstacles to peace. That’s the essence of what we’re talking about. You don’t have to, but we do it. We all do it. I do it. Again. . . Just admit that it’s okay not to have to run the show all the time. Sometimes we have to take action and we have to do things, but to attain peace, to remember peace, to remember to choose peace. . . We don’t have to try so hard that we’re fighting for our lives. We just need to let go – and don’t be afraid. A Course in Miracles says, love or fear, rather – fear is love’s opposite and from fear come other negative emotions that there are two emotions, love and fear. Be Love. Choose the higher path. Choose what’s going to liberate you and other people, not save you from a place called hell or something like that,

but liberate you, uplift you, prepare you to go in return to where we came from, our Source.

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Choose Peace

Bryan: On that note, I hope you have a blessed, blessed, blessed holiday. Whatever form it takes for you. Try to find ways whether it’s meditation, prayer, contemplation, breathing, counting your breath as you breathe, mindfulness, being totally mindful of what you’re doing when you’re doing it, if you’re washing the dishes, you’re washing the dishes. If you’re changing a diaper, you’re changing a diaper. If you’re driving a car, you’re driving a car. That’s a meditation in itself. When you’re totally present, just be totally present and stop creating situations that inhibit the perception. That’s a word we haven’t used yet today. Perception I’ve been using, knowing or being one with, but the perception of peace. We can change our perceptions and that’s what a miracle is. We just need to allow it to happen and I can’t tell you the exact way to make it happen, but I, I’ve given you some suggestions. Just know that you can make a difference in someone else’s life. You can be the presence of Divinity for somebody else. You can be the presence of peace for somebody else just by merely learning to become what you already are inside. Master the art of peace. On that note may the divine bless you. Uplift you and keep you. Om. Shanti. Peace.

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