(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, and Eastern Thought)


Out of all the possible things to perceive, I see only a privatized, fragmented past. I have flashbacks that scramble and confuse my orientation to True Reality.

Mental visions and interpretations of the past in the form of memories, flash backs, emotional and visceral highly charged associations/experiences cloud Radical Right Perception and Divine Realization from revealing True Reality of Communion with God Mind through Christ Mind to me. In seeing only the past projected out onto the screen of my life, I experience the split-mind.

It is because of these factors that the immediacy of the present moment in the form of God Revealed Holy Instants outside of space-time, dissolves the past from having any major importance in my attempts to see True Reality. However the past experienced mind-fragments, dissociations, forgetfulness, time spent out of alignment with God Mind severely impacts the quality of seeing and the ability to see that I have always been in perfect Primordial First Right Relationship or in Christ Mind Yoga-Union with the Divine Dreamer. Nothing that I see means anything because I superimpose past mental structures and thought out onto other people, onto the Unified God Allness, and onto events and happenings. In seeing projections, mind fluctuations, and thoughts of the past almost everywhere I look, I alone have given/ascribed all the meaning that my subjective mind has determined any given encounter should have.

I don’t comprehend what I think I am seeing now, because of the interference of past programmed thinking, that I have projected onto all things. What I see and encounter now in most instances isn’t True Witnessed Reality undistorted. My thoughts about the world and my place in it do not mean anything because events in the psychologically constructed time function are neutral and devoid of any meaning. Because of this I am never truly disturbed. All emotional uprisings, the inner tidal waves of reactivity that surface within my body-mind-vehicle-chariot housing my unscathed soul, stem from the idea that the phantasms I project impede clear-seeing, creating inner havoc instead of inner peace.

Old psychological programming is a huge feat to overcome and change but it can be done through disciplined and regular yoga meditation on the One Guarantee which is the God Awareness Love, which resides within the Kingdom of Heaven which is in us as the Divine Spark.

Everything we believe is rooted in psychological time and thought distortion. Avoiding the Edenic State of Oneness through forgetting that True Reality prevents our ability to cognize and learn the lessons necessary to remove the subjective and relative false interpretations we graffiti over the world, its events and other bodies that we encounter in this life, Time stands eternally still and motionless in Primordial Oneness and God Communion, but it seems to change when our subjective personal ego has overthrown our True Self – the soul-psyche, and spirit.

Things we observe or think we are seeing in the present are definitely affected by past experiences of having interacted with such a thing.

A given object such as a glass containing water, in the now, is most often not experienced in the here and now. We know that there are certain inevitable laws governing the experience of a glass of water as in the bliss of meditation is prevented full expression by our past programmed thoughts and memories of having a glass of water. So, the question becomes, do we really see the glass for what it is in the now. Most often, no. We must recognize that programming within the subconscious mind directly impedes on the ability to witness from the standpoint of Radical Right Perception of something in its neutral state. We must transcend the reliance on the past to see the essence of all things in an undistorted way.

So, look around you. Apply today’s idea.

For example:

I see only past visions and interpretations of the past in the form of memories, flash backs, emotional and visceral highly charged associations and experiences in the brain about ________ because I am clouded from Radical Right perception of the object as neutral, now and always.

Do not linger over one thing, but don’t exclude anything either. Briefly look at each object, and then proceed to the next. Practice three or four times for a minute this day.


(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, and Eastern Thought)

What upsets and seems to threaten the state of Perfect Primordial Calmness, is not really present. It is not there, here, or anywhere. What I see then is a distorted subconscious, subjective mind fragment that is intruding upon Radical Right Perception of True Reality consisting of Eternal Spirit, Energy, and Cosmic Causal Thought. What I see is just a mirage in the desert my private mind made, a massive hallucination and egoic mind projection out onto the movie screen, the world of multiplicity, called Prakriti or “Mother” Nature. The emotionally charged distortions are part of a reactive process, a programmed response to what my ego thinks is going to cause pain, suffering, and annihilation of it.

This statement of defined clarity or clear seeing in Radical Right Perception of the misinterpreting nature of the ego is to be applied in the same manner as in Lesson 5. Use the above idea with any people, objects, or unfolding events that you “believe” has disturbed the state of Perfect Primordial Calmness, the experience of perceived psychological pain. Cut through delusion with the knife of discernment by stating the form and subject of your upset very concisely. For example:

“I feel inferior to ________________, because I see something in him/her that is not really present at all. I have projected unto him/her a distorted egoic mind fragment, a false belief that has no existence or basis in True Eternal Reality at all.”

“I am afraid of ______________ because I see and perceive something in them that I think can threaten my True Identity, which is the Essence of Christ/Buddha/Krishna Consciousness/Light Presence, but the distortion behind it is such that, my diabolical ego mind believes it can be annihilated and hurt by what is not there. In Reality, I cannot be hurt, assailed, or annihilated.

Apply the concept for today to anything that seems to disturb or upset you throughout the day. Before each practice period, scan the separative mind and uncover any lingering upsetting thoughts.

If you try to avoid applying the delusion remover to certain disturbing thoughts, tell yourself that:

“All upsets and disturbances threaten my Perfect Primordial Calmness with equal measure. But they are the result of gross misinterpretation by my ego mind.”

NOTE: The world and the forms in it are neutral. Our ego mind, the false self, projects the distortions onto the wilderness desert we think is outside of us.


(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, and Eastern Thought)

When I am upset, it is because my subconscious, subjective mind fragments misinterpret reality and are intruding upon Radical Right Perception, thus creating rifts and whirlpools of brain activity leading to massive hallucinations and projections out onto the world. The emotionally charged distortions are part of the reactive process gone haywire in the flow of my astral, spinal currents, spiraling down into misery of my own making. The goal of awakening Holy Spirit Mother Kundalini is for it to rise and flow upward toward the crown chakra, showering me with golden, violet-white light.

This statement is deliberately detailed so as to cut right to the problem and source or emotional impulse that is connected to the fluctuations in emotional mind activity. Use this idea with any people, objects, or unfolding events that you “believe” has made you experience psychological pain. It is important to identify the target of your projected reaction impulse. Please utilize specific terms that best describe the form of “upset” you “feel”. Some good examples are fear, worry, depression, panic, rage, animosity, jealousy, etc. By using the same perception correction to each of the various forms of upset feelings individually, you are taking the first big step in the realization process that each of the rising tides of emotion all come from the same basic distortion. Do the following:

“When I am phobic about _____________, it is because my subconscious…..”
“When I am anxious about ____________, it is because my subconscious…..”

In addition to the above, take time to scan your subconscious and conscious minds for all perceived ‘sources’ of emotional turbulence and the egoic justification/validation distortion impulse no matter how much “voltage” is connected to those uprisings.

Remember, all upsets have a common origin in the avoidance of or denial of a perceived pain causing stimuli received by the blind sense-mind (manas). The emotional reactive process upsets the yogis constant quest for poise and calmness, even amidst the “storms of mayaic delusion”.

Practice three to four times during the day. Remember, be concise.



(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, and Eastern Thought)


The thoughts I think with my separative, split, and fearful mind do not mean what the ego (ahamkar) tells me they do. Neither do the objects that surround me in this room that I see with my eyes and visual cortex (on this street, from this window, in this place, in front of this computer, etc.)

Take notice, for about a minute, of the thoughts that seem to originate in or enter into your mind, then please apply the above statement of Truth to them. If you are aware right now of tormenting, obsessive thought chatter, use them for this practice, but please don’t be biased only towards the thoughts you label as ‘bad’. In training yourself to be objective about your thoughts, you will see that each one is part of a cluster within itself, and therefore you are not able to label them as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. That is why they are without meaning.

Be very specific when choosing the thoughts you will apply today’s idea statement to. It is valuable to choose thoughts you label as ‘good’ along with those you consider ‘bad’. The idea for today emphasizes that none of these sound vibrations and frequencies, whether repetitive or not are Real, nor accurate Thoughts. The sounds vibrations or neurochemical transmitter signals in your physical brain that you judge as ‘good’ are only dark shadows of what is beyond the scope of them, and make the desired use of Radical Right Perception extremely difficult. These dark shadows in your neurochemical message system within the brain distort the use of Radical Right Perception and make it near impossible to see Universal Truths. You do not desire any of these thoughts with your Christ/GodSelf Mind. In your Christ/GodSelf Mind they do not exist.

Work with this exercise diligently for it is vital and will be repeated in future lessons, but in different forms. This exercise has the goal of training you in the foundational steps toward sorting out in your mind what is without meaning from what does have meaning. The intention behind these foundational lessons is to get you to perceive what has absolutely no meaning and is not who you are, and what does have meaning for you. It is also the starting point of raja (royal) yoga and jnana yoga in Christhood to discern and notice what is the same, when faced with what appears to be different.

When using your ingrained thought patterns, or neural grooves for applying this lesson for today, please identify each of these thought patterns that manifest by an external object or event. An example would be:

‘This thought about _______________ is devoid of any accurate meaning, nor any meaning at all, just like the objects that I see in this room (on this street, etc.)’

Do not be afraid to use the above statement and idea by applying it to tormenting thoughts that cause you to suffer. This is how you will heal and neutralize the “thought wave currents” through Christ Mind Jnana Yoga. Make no mistake about it, this practice is worthwhile, but it is not a replacement for applying the lesson in a random way. Take no longer than a minute or so to thoroughly scan you mind. You are not ready at this stage to refrain from becoming preoccupied with every single thought that enters your brain.

Take note that you may find suspension of judgment about your thoughts quite difficult. Please do these exercises three or four times today. We will return to them later in this workbook.

Taking part in this lesson is just the start of your discernment that what seems like your private thoughts and what you perceive about the world that seems to be external to you are in Truth, one and the same, because it is your split, fractured mind, the one that thinks it is separate from the Unified Field of God Consciousness in Reality (which is not true). This lesson also imparts on you the concept that, regardless of the differences that appear or cause different reactions and judgments among your thought vibration waves and sound frequency-currents, they are really all the same, because their actual content is exactly the same. Neither the physical world nor personalized, separative thoughts come from God. Therefore they are without any Real meaning.





Thus begins our workbook studies of Christ Realization Yoga inspired by Yogic philosophy and A Course in Miracles with daily practice and dedication to cleaning the lens of our witnessing, observing, perceptual faculty which is centered in our inner divine ability to see things as they really are. That is one of the main goals in workbook study. Elizabeth Cronkite, translator of the first edition of ACIM into plain, everyday language, points out two parts of the workbook’s focus. The first, she says deals with your perception of separation from God, and the second deals with your acquiring Real Perception, which is a way of perceiving that reflects your awareness of your Oneness with God.

Each day’s exercises are planned around one central idea (with the exception of review periods, which have several ideas for the day). The idea is stated first, and then is followed by instructions about how to apply them during the day. Commentary by this writer, Bryan Rice follows. I will always attempt to show the parallel in yogic teachings/yogic and Vedantic thought (these are two of six philosophies in Hindu Thought.)

The purpose of the workbook is to train your mind, to literally overhaul old programmed beliefs and inner tape recordings about how you view reality and urges you to take off the veils to Radical Right and Real Perception, so as to include everything and everyone in the Presence of Love, which you are, One with God, and with all. The workbook also targets the dualistic, split mind that fragments Reality and Projects out onto a Desert of a World that is merely a screen to hold those projections from our individual egoic minds and the mass collective egoic mind. What ends up in the script we call life, in the circumstances and events that surround us and that we encounter day to day has much to do with the what fragment we listen to and project outwards to others and into the cosmic drama. Yogic and Vedantic (Non-dual) Philosophy say that that the entire material universe is a result of causation, or the cause, of ‘thought’. Thought becomes energy. And energy becomes matter (or perceived matter). The metaphysics of A Course in Miracles says that the Son of God Consciousness became the Son of Man Consciousness, when for a split moment it believed we could be separate from God. This is a perceptual distortion and nothing more. The perception of separation (being cut off from God Conscious Awareness) is an hallucination of the ego, because our real selves never did “fall from grace” or out of Oneness with God.

The exercises of the workbook are planned so that you can generalize the lesson by looking at it as capable of being applied to everything and everyone, without exception. It certainly challenges us to shift our conscious awareness and ingrained beliefs and projections that normally end up materializing and manifesting in what we know as space-time.

The Radical Right and Real Perception we are attempting to return to is not the same as the egoic, individual mind’s perception. But, when we attain Radical Right and Real Perception (the Consciousness of Oneness or Yoga-Union with all, it automatically is applied to every living person and thing.  Holding even one thing separate from us, prevents us from attaining our original (Beginner’s Mind as it is called in Buddhism) Radical Right and Real Perception, the Primal State we were begotten or emanate from.


To proceed with the study, we should have the volition, will to do it, and self-discipline to commit to it every day for the next year. The first guideline is to practice the exercises as they are indicated without altering them. This will enable you to focus on the ideas in the lesson and apply them to everything and everyone involved in it. Secondly, and most importantly, we must not decide for ourselves that in actuality we can allow ourselves to exclude some people, things, and situations from the exercises. There are no exemptions. And that is the way that Universal Inspiration, the Voice for God, and the Master Teacher Jesus intended it. Doing this will defeat the purpose of healing the fragmented perceptions and distortions we hold in our egoic-separative, fearful minds. The absolute nature of Radical Right and Real Perception is that it is expansive, inclusive of all life, accepting, and that it allows things “to be” as they are, but see them in a radically “new,” yet with a primordial (first or primary) neutral mind (Beginner’s Mind or No Mind).

The goal is to return to the state of Oneness or Yoga With God and then see everything through our original “allowing and accepting” perception, before the distortion that led to the “fall from grace-consciousness” occurred. When it occurred is not important, but knowing that we fell out of alignment with Divinity and that we do every time we listen to our individual, separative, ego voice. In a nutshell, do the lessons so as to include everything in your domain of love, in an infinite, expansive manner, in a likeness to Divinity Consciousness-Awareness (The Unified Field/The Allness/The I Am that I Am/Brahman/Allah/ Adonai/Yaweh/The Father/Mother/Dao/or just plain God).

NOTE: The only consequence of not correcting your misperceptions is to go on living in mass hypnosis, illusion, delusion (maya as Yogis and Vedantic Philosophers call it). The course further calls what I am talking about, as insanity.

You don’t have to believe the ideas of the workbook to benefit from them.  Just apply them without judgment and don’t be attached to the results, but certainly enjoy the fruits of your daily practice.

If you miss a day, get right back up on that horse.

Build off of the foundations of previous lessons each new day.

Notice how the egoic split-mind will want to react and avoid. Seeing this is part of the process of unveiling what stands between the perception and hallucination of many broken pieces of glass fragments and the ultimate God-like experience of viewing existence, from the clear, unclouded witnessing window of Radical Right and Real Perception.