DAY 50
Divine Love, God’s Infinite, Unending, Undying, Everlasting Life and Love, is my spiritual umbilical cord, reaching from the One True Paradise Within, the Kingdom/Queendom of Heaven. This gold and silver cord carries my life force energy that supplies me with all the strength I need to give, extend, and return Love to my Source and all of manifest creation. My aura and astral energy body are empowered by the Infinite causal mind and body of thought and ideation, and from the astral mind and body comes the life essence that sustains my temporary body vehicle and its sense-mind interpreters of materialized form, trying to make sense out of an existence of multiplicity made by subjectivity and mayaic-delusion.

Though I have put my trust in what Jeshua (Jesus) calls “insane and trivial symbols” for protection and the maintenance of health and well being such as the prana of this world which is money, or in magic potions such as pharmacological pills, clothing that is supposed to protect me from the earth elements, having individual significance, the need to be accepted and adored, looking for pain relief in substances and sense pleasures, and in surrounding myself with certain people who I think will make me feel important, God Presence is my only sustenance.


The things on this list, which could go on endlessly, are what I use to replace Love Divine. I use these distractions to identify with the dense, physical body and with “special” love based on conditions I make. They try to glorify the ego-ahamkar false-self image. These substitutes will not sustain me, nor help me remember the Paradise Oneness, I in truth never left.


Avidya-illusions do not deserve my faith. Only the unchangeable, Infinite Love of Divinity should receive my full attention and desire. I will stop ruminating on illusions and false remedies that bring empty promises to pain, suffering, sadness, fear, and guilt. Only the individual mind can be sick. And it is my mind identified with Infinity that releases me from the idolatry of believing in gods of sickness, mental agony, and all forms of lack.


I am eternally safe in the Love of God Presence. No danger exists and I am not subject to any threats to my true peace and bliss. I need but choose my Source for strength and health and lasting calmness.


I will commit to two ten minute sittings today, where my prayers and dharana-concentration are centered on the affirmation for today. I will recite it, focus on it, let any thoughts that challenge my belief in today’s affirmation to enter my thought stream, and then allow the recognition of truth to dawn upon my mind that is linked to God Mind. I will not be robbed of peace and the awareness of mental rest. Restlessness is a sure sign of madness and investment in avidya-illusions that will not bring me wholeness, wellness, nor mindfulness.


(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Mind Science, New Thought, Metaphysics, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)


DAY 48

I am fearless. I fear no one, no thing, no thought, or any outside force. I am safe. I am free. I cannot be threatened or harmed by anything, nor any avidya-illusion created by mayaic-delusion and duality coming from the split, individual ego-ahamkar mind.


Fear is not real. A state of hypnosis, a spell whose power I need to awaken from. In Oneness with Love, I am free from fear and can recognize, name, and dissolve all avidya-illusions from having any terror inducing effects on me. When I want avidya-illusions to be true, the affliction of fear is hard to decipher from Love. But Love is all there is. Love is All-Consuming. I seek mastery through Love.


When I am in fear, stuck in the dream drama my individual mind has made, I am relying on my own strength instead of the Power and Fullness of strength found in God Mind Presence and this is a call for Love. Today, as I allow the awareness in that there is no one, no thing, no thought, or any outside force I should fear, I am remembering my True Nature, True Strength, my True Self, Christ and Atman-Self in Union with the Divine Mind. When I am in Yoga-Union with God, remembering my True Source of strength, I cannot be weak. The instant I remember Primordial Samadhi-Oneness with God Presence, Love Unending, I bind the grip of fear and it’s negative vibratory effects are dissolved and the chains of bondage to it are broken and shattered.


Today, I will contemplate the affirmation frequently, mindfully, in short intervals with my eyes open. However, when I have the time and a place to do it, I will close my eyes and chant the affirmation mantra several times, slowly. I take all temptations to be in fear to the Cosmic Vibratory Memory of God in my mind, the Holy Spirit. I choose to remember the Love of Heaven now, and release the magnetic pull of my self-created hell of terror and mental affliction caused by my attachment to fear.


Why do we give the world so much power? Why do we let it dictate how we feel, react, think, and do to the extent that we do? According to the philosophy and teachings of A Course In Miracles, it is because we project our guilt over having chosen to separate from the Divine in that “tiny tick of time” – an instant of forgetfulness, where we thought there was something better than and more appealing than the Bliss of Heaven.


With feelings of guilt comes the fear of punishment – the expectation that we will be punished. The world is designed that way, to constantly torment us as it seems to pose threats and danger constantly. We fear attack and annihilation. Not to mention we have been programmed to believe by so much of the religious thinking that exists, that we are in fact damned for being ‘fallen’. According to A Course in Miracles, this is simply not true. We are merely dreaming of exile, ‘asleep in the grass’ in the garden of paradise as teacher Robert Perry says, never having left home, but nonetheless asleep, having a nightmare that is the result of projection of our guilt.


We think the world is responsible for our pain, our suffering, our sickness, our despair, our feelings of lack, and all forms of unhappiness. This is projection. Blaming something outside of ourselves, when in fact, the collective whole of created minds, decided that it would be great to ‘leave the garden’ (no, we didn’t get kicked out – at least not according to A Course In Miracles and other new revelations). We give the world so much power. We throw away the function of causation. Since we are One in Mind with the Divine and share in the thoughts and extension of Love, in reality, but convinced otherwise by the illusions we manufacture, we can never be separate, in truth, but we have the inclinations to try to make it on our own in a scary world that we think is out to get us. Because we feel guilty, we think the Divine is out to get us and that the manifested screen of the world we think we see, is really reflecting back a hostile force that has to punish us, so we get what we think we deserve. Primordial guilt is the cause of our fear of punishment and destruction by the Divine. We set up and construct situations that seem to be threats to our safety and well-being all so the ‘ego’ thought system can have its revenge. That ego thought system projects all our guilt onto the world and God. Fear runs our life.


So much could be said about this topic. But we must and need to take back our power, through forgiveness and trust that we are innately good, and that we in truth could never be harmed, not by the Divine, and not by the world. These are illusions we need to surrender. We are cause of our experiences, not at the effect of the world or anything else. Through the power of causation, we can dream a new world into existence and be empowered to extend and create, rather than ‘make’ a dream of hell, where every one seems to be scurrying about, trying to escape wrath and punishment. The separation was just an illusion that lasted but a micro-second. It was terrifying. But the good news is that the Holy Spirit was planted in our minds the moment the split and fragmentation from wholeness seemed to happen. The Divine gave us that grace. The script is written to lead us back to the place we never left. We have the power to influence how quickly that will happen in our mind’s eye. We have so much power and potential. We need to take it back, and stop giving the projected world so much influence over us. This is a topic that requires much more deliberation and reflection. For now, we will just ponder that we can dream a new life and create a new world order, in which we are free from guilt. Forgiveness is the key. We must forgive ourselves, others, the Divine, and the world, that is not really out there at all anyway.  Remember, it is a projection of our minds. It is time to wake up from the nightmare we have created and realize we have the power to change what we see and experience. Nothing outside of us has the power to determine who we are, how we feel, what we see, nor what we think. We are One with Divinity, not separate and at the mercy of the world we think is out to get us.



The Ego: Fascination with Form and Optical Illusions of Consciousness – Chapter 2 “A New Earth”

by Bryan Rice August 2011

Eckhart Tolle was not the only one who had something to say about the nature of the ego, mistaken for the true “I”, or reality or misperception. Albert Einstein used the phrase Optical Illusion of Consciousness to discuss the very same topic examined by Tolle in Chapter 2 of “A New Earth”. The illusion Einstein spoke of in essence had to do with being mislead into misperceiving reality. “Nothing real can be threatened”, says A Course in Miracles. The ego, blurs reality for us and in the work of A Course in Miracles, the ego must be undone to remove the blocks to the reality of love.
So, in talking about the ego, the words delusion, illusion, inflation, and erroneous come up. But before going any further with the characteristics, I want to comment on what Tolle said beginning in Chapter 2.

“Words are a hypnotic spell,” he says. Just because we know a word, doesn’t mean we know what the word signifies. When dealing with words and mechanics of perception, Tolle used the image of seeing only the tip of the iceberg to understand how the ego radar works. He is very clear in “A New Earth” and even in “The Power of Now”, that humanity is possessed by thought. That obviously is not the optimum situation for us to be in. We have to sense “beingness” found in all things and in life circles. It is hard to see the real essence of things, when we are hypnotized by the sign posts, or the meaning to which words point.

I agree with Tolle, when he said that a great miracle needs to take place – we need to experience the true self before labels were either self-constructed by our mind or by the minds of others. These labels of the mind lead to disentanglement and we thereby sacrifice creativity, wisdom, joy, and love. Getting back to words, we are not only possessed by them, but we are imprisoned by them. The funny thing about words is that they are just basic sounds assigned a meaning by the mind. These basic sounds, Tolle says cannot explain our being.

The false sense of “I” is the greatest truth or error, as stated in the book. The very existence of the ego-illusory self is a primordial error in falsely identifying the “I”.

On a positive note, if you are able to recognize an illusion as illusion, it dissolves. That should be our goal in dealing with the false identities we construct for ourselves.

Returning to the idea of reality versus unreality, it is true that the ego’s survival depends on our mistaking IT for reality. For instance, when we say “I”, we are not referring to our true self in God or Being. To understand the workings of the ego, think of a baby. He or she equates “I” with their name, then the next step in ego development they look at things in terms of “me” or “mine”. The primitive ego, unaffected by advanced consciousness and awareness represents things as their self.

The mental construct of “I”, rather the egoic self ties into gender identity, identifying with possessions, it relates to a sense perceived body, it identifies with a certain race, and also a religion.

Transcending the mind is a big focus point for Eckhart Tolle. In more than one of his books, he refers to thought as compulsive, mostly repetitive, and pointless. Most people, he says, are spiritually unconscious, meaning that they have no sense of “I” apart from their thoughts.

The voice in a given individual’s head causes one to be absorbed in thoughts, unaware of their surroundings, thinking through the intellect that as an individual who thinks, we are alive and have meaning.

Tolle clearly states that we must shift from thinking to detached, observing awareness. But so many of us are content to let the mind possess us with unhappiness. Since thinking is only a small fraction of the consciousness that we are, we need to free ourselves from compulsive thought.

To summarize briefly, the crux of Tolle’s argument about how we must undo and understanding the structure and content of the ego, centers around moving beyond the structure of “my” in relation to things. He touches on the nature of the consumer society, advertising, and how it feeds the “hungry mind” and “greed” in people. He goes on to say that there is “an unchecked striving for more and more and more, for endless possessing – this being a dysfunction and disease. Tolle compared this dysfunction with the spreading and manifestation of cancer cells in a sick person.

Lack leads to wanting. People who’s ego feel diminished will become self-grasping. According to Tolle, when you know longer feel life within you, it is easy to look for something to “fill” you, from outside of you. Detectors for the ego are signs of anger and defensiveness that one might feel when they experience the loss of something they identified with.

Being is a favorite word of Tolle, and is a synonym for God or the I AM presence. He says being must be felt, not thought. The ego, by nature, cannot know being because it is thought.
The key is, with things, is to remain detached. But, the illusion of ownership creeps in with regularity in each of us, if we were honest about that fact. Reality says that no thing ever has anything to do with who we are. Unfortunately, it is not until being on the brink of death that we examine, and realize that our truest essence really in fact wanted to be identified with being. Blessed are the poor in spirit can mean not having any identification with things. No attachments. And no mental positions.

The start of transforming your consciousness happens when you are able to say to yourself that you are the awareness that is aware that there is an attachment (to be overcome).
Tolle spent a great deal of time in chapter 2 talking about “wanting” and the “need for more”. The ego, not the true self identifies itself with having. Voices and demons that are concealed within us remain deep-seated notions of dissatisfaction, of an incompleteness, of a feeling of “not enough”. The voices that drive the ego are : “I don’t have enough yet” and “I am not enough yet.”

In essence, having is a fiction that the ego creates to give it solidity and permanence, to make itself “stand out”, and be “special”.

Wanting gives the ego life juice. Pursuing in a manner spoken of by Tolle, in a grim and ruthless determination can lead to a person’s downfall and can create hell on earth for them and other people in their life. The real thing that the ego and people identified with the ego do not want is to encounter the present moment – the
power of “now”.

The sense of lack can thereby lead to destruction and continued unconscious choosing and behaving. “No content will ever satisfy you, as long as the egoic structure remains in place.”
The last section of Chapter 2 dealt with body and gender identification. I found it quite strikingly true, the observation Tolle made about people who are afflicted in some way. The voices “I’m sick, I’m a patient, I’m a sufferer” are one way people negatively identify with the egoic structure as well.

So, the incessant compulsive thought of the ego can turn reality into a nightmare. We must move bravely past identification with form, things, and especially our thinking and wanting. Basically, hunger of the mind can lead to insatiable hunger in the body. That can be tragic, for in the body is where Being and Presence are felt.


Messianic Consciousness: The Way to Christhood

Eckhart Tolle was not the only one who had something to say about the nature of the ego, mistaken for the true “I”, or reality or misperception. Albert Einsten used the phrase Optical Illusion of Consciousness to discuss the very same topic examined by Tolle in Chapter 2 of “A New Earth”. The illusion Einstein spoke of in essence had to do with being mislead into misperceiving reality. “Nothing real can be threatened”, says A Course in Miracles. The ego, blurs reality for us and in the work of A Course in Miracles, the ego must be undone to remove the blocks to the reality of love.
So, in talking about the ego, the words delusion, illusion, inflation, and erroneous come up. But before going any further with the characteristics, I want to comment on what Tolle said beginning in Chapter 2.

“Words are a hypnotic spell,” he says. Just…

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(Inspired by but not limited to A Course in Miracles Teachings (1st Edition), Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Thought, and writings by Paramahansa Yogananda)


What I habitually see or perceive is something that is not really present right now. It is a mayaic-delusory mirage in the desert wilderness of the storehouse or matrix from which I was begotten to create in. I chose this misperception about the invention of time as something that is real instead of taking part in the Divine Dreaming-Cosmic-Play of Creation-forces like I was meant to throughout eternity.

What I see are mind fragments and emotions attached to memories experienced biologically in the limbic system of the ego-ahamkar created body’s brain, that I chose to project outwards into the space-time continuum matrix, where manifested forms begin to appear through quantum phenomena of consciousness.

The apparitions or ghosts I project onto the Reality Light-Continuum called the Unified Field of God Essence, are not real. They are hallucinations of my ego mind, that aspect I experience when I forget Edenic Bliss as a constant Reality, the only Reality. When I fall into hypnotic trances of maya, relativity, subjectivity, I get tangled in a web of lies that I believe are true. Past points of reference cloud my seeing, because I am obsessed by them. Mental restlessness is the result of my preoccupation with the past. The resulting mental fluctuations called ‘vrittis’, or whirlpools of energetic pulsations in the form of feeling are the agents of massive perceptual distortion.

We misuse the psychic mind field when we out picture past mental static or anxiety about future events. Time is a psychological construct, through a logical linear tool, that we misuse when we are acting solely from our ego (ahamkar) mind illusion producing habit projection machine. There is nothing wrong with using time, but it is insanity to be used by time or controlled and kept in bondage by time, because time is only an idea. How we use time determines our karma. Right use of time is dharma. Through our dharma and right use of our True Eternal Self, the Christ, the Atman, which is in a state of Oneness with the Allness, Always, we dissolve the density and weight of karma and hence our need to repeatedly materialize into bodies.

Be present. Absolutely present and fortified in Grace-Bliss. Release all past mind fragments and misdirected judgments about past defunct events which no longer apply to your purpose for being which is to co-create in a constant flux of Pure Beingness, emanating that purity of Awareness in the Matrix of ultimate potential. Actualize Truth now. Remove the slivers of past thought. Clean the lens of the third eye of observation so your Witnessing Presence can come forth and quiet the subconscious ego-ahamkar mind’s attractor field to past manifestations. Manifest the Divine through your Witnessing Eternal Presence.

Close your eyes for today’s practice. The objective for today is to recognize when your mind field seems to be stuck in rewind mode, or in replaying old mental movies or “trance scripts” that only seemed to exist for a time. Return those movies to the vault of the Akashic Records and release them. When you are stuck in rewind or replaying a mental movie fragment, you are absent-minded and are displaced, physically present, but not in your body. It is then that you leave Eden and avoid the Bliss Gift that is afforded you forever and constantly. Peace comes to the psychic mind field when you are not victim of the brain machine that is plugged into past habit and thought circuitry.

Tune into the frequency of Now.

Today search your mind for thoughts that cause you to leave the Now. Practice acknowledging these tendencies by saying:

I seem to be thinking about [name of person, place, or thing], about [an emotion, event or painful fluctuations of thought energy], and so on and so on.

The purpose of searching the mind is to see how you seem to time travel and distort the Real Perception of Infinite Ever-Present constant bliss which you deny.